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Galaxy Macau™ has demonstrated unwavering support to the Macau SAR Government in its efforts to develop Macau into a "World Center of Tourism and Leisure”. Through our extraordinary gastronomic offerings, we solidify Macau’s reputation as a UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy, taking the government’s “Tourism + Gastronomy” concept to amazing heights. 

The new campaign “Authentic Flavor from the Heart” centers around six key aspects of the Galaxy Macau culinary journey: award-winning chefs, outstanding techniques, authentic ingredients, exceptional environments, the cultural experience and heartfelt hospitality. From Chinese regional cuisines such as Northern, Hunan, Sichuan and Cantonese, to local Macanese flavors and international delicacies of Japan, Thailand, Italy and France—a world of flavors awaits your exploration. 

Join us as we dive deep into Macau’s culinary offerings!

Authentic Flavor from the Heart

Award-winning chefs, outstanding techniques, authentic ingredients, exceptional environments, the cultural experience and heartfelt hospitality—follow world-renowned gourmets and discover Galaxy Macau’s culinary legacy through these six key aspects. 

Northern Chinese Cuisine

Dong Jianmin, more widely known as “Xiao Mi Ge”, is a renowned food critic and host of CCTV's culinary programs. Follow him, a Beijing native, on his quest for authentic Northern flavors in Macau.


Cantonese Cuisine

Follow Sun Liang, Ambassador of Cantonese Culture and celebrity food blogger, as he explores the flavor of his hometown in Macau, the international gateway to Cantonese culinary culture.


Macanese & Portuguese Cuisines

Food and travel blogger Mark takes you on a tour of Macau’s best Macanese and Portuguese dishes, introducing you to the storied, dynamic flavors that reflect the city’s eastern heritage and western influence.


“Artisans of Flavor” 2023 Video Series

Gastronomic Secrets Unveiled

Every chef has a story to tell – whether it is through their favorite dish, beloved tool, or personal experience. Discover the highlights of their restaurants in this video series – and stay tuned for more videos to come.

Sichuan Cuisine Unveiled

How do you elevate a popular Sichuan restaurant to two-Michelin-starred status? See how Chef Chan Chek Keong has done it for Feng Wei Ju.

Michelin Degustation Menu


Northern Chinese Cuisine Unveiled

What sets Northern cuisine apart from other Chinese regional cuisines? Follow Chef Fan Jun of Bei Shan Lou to find out.

Bei Shan Lou Signature Set Menu


Japanese Kaiseki Unveiled

Follow Chef Morihiro Takeda as he presents the essence of traditional Kyoto kaiseki feast at Yamazato.

Yamazato Kaiseki Menu


Cantonese Cuisine Unveiled

At one-Michelin-starred Lai Heen, Chef Jackie Ho shares with you his innovative take on Cantonese cuisine with over 40 years of experience.

Chef Jackie Ho's Signature Menu


Italian Cuisine Unveiled

Chef Luca Signoretti of Terrazza Italian Restaurant demonstrates how growing up in a family of hunters and farmers has influenced his approach to Italian cuisine.

Chef Luca Signoretti's Italian Degustation Menu


Secrets Of Italian Family Feasts Unveiled

Michelin-starred Executive Chef Riccardo La Perna celebrates Italian culinary traditions with fresh ingredients of the day, presenting the luxury of simplicity through authentic flavors. And there is always a perfect bottle to take this warm and inviting experience to the next level.

Executive Chef Riccardo La Perna Signature Recommendations


Secrets Of Wine Unveiled

Galaxy Macau boasts an extensive wine list of the world's most sought-after bottles hand-picked by our award-winning sommelier. Behind the bar is our creative mixologist who will spice up your evening with a classic or creative cocktail.


Macau Tanka Cuisine Unveiled

Paying homage to the gifts of the sea is at the heart of Tanka cuisine. To present the signature flavors rooted in Macau for decades, Chef Chan Wai Chun adheres to traditional Tanka recipes, using only the freshest ingredients.

Chef Chan Signature "Tanka" Recommendations


Macau's Tea Culture Unveiled

Andrew U, Tea Master of Galaxy Macau and National Tea Sommelier Champion, shares with you his passion for Chinese tea culture through innovative brewing methods and a curated selection of the finest teas from different Chinese regions.


Secrets of Putien Cuisine Unveil

Let the 7-time Michelin Star winner take you to the pristine land of Putian in Fujian. Chef Ng Man Kin and his team is ready to delight your senses with authentic Fujian dishes infused with Southeast Asian touches—a combination that has captivated taste buds the world over.


Unveiling the Secrets of Thai Cuisine

Having been at the helm of a Michelin-starred Thai restaurant that has been named “The World’s 50 Best, Chef Jan Ruangnukulkit reinvents the Saffron menu with her unique brand of contemporary Thai cuisine – colorful, delicious and rich with the aromas of local herbs and spices.


Chiu Chow Cuisine Unveiled

A household name in Hong Kong with 50 years of history, Pak Loh is your go-to destination for authentic Hong Kong-style Chiu Chow cuisine. Using traditional recipes and premium ingredients, Chef Raymond Chan extends the restaurant’s legacy to Macau.



Delivered directly from independent farms and dedicated oyster farms, premium beef and fresh oysters are prepared with traditional techniques to bring out the true flavors. Follow us to discover the treasure of the land and sea.



Join Weekie Lee, Executive Pastry Chef of 8½ Otto e Mezzo BOMBANA for a taste of la dolce vita. Infinitely creative and highly skillful, she will orchestrate the sweet finale to your Michelin-starred Italian dining experience.


Unveiling the Secrets of a Celebrities’ Favorite

The eleven-time Michelin star winner Pang’s Kitchen brings its signature Shunde dishes to Macau, with executive Chef Pat Pun helming a menu of fresh and delicious homestyle dishes.


Unveiling the Secrets of Sake

Eric Liu, the only sake sommelier in Macau to have achieved the highest certification—International Sakasho, is ready to elevate your dining experience at Yamazato with the perfect sake pairing.


The Making of the Series

Our "Making Of" video takes you behind the scenes as we celebrate culinary excellence at Galaxy Macau. Follow us for an insider’s look into the conception and production of the series.