The Tea Master Selection
The Art of Tea at Galaxy Macau

Tea Master's Handpicked Selection

Since its discovery in China thousands of years ago, tea has been an integral part of Chinese life and culture. To celebrate this long-standing heritage and enrich your dining experience, Galaxy Macau's tea master Andrew U has curated different premium teas to match the cuisines of our signature restaurants. Whether it is oolong infused with floral fragrance, or Pu’er aged to elegant earthy perfection, each cup is guaranteed to be a unique experience.

Tea Pairing for Regional Cuisines

Inspired by the distinct tea cultures and cuisine styles of different Chinese regions, Tea Master Andrew U presents 4 bespoke tea menus for Galaxy Macau's 4 signature Chinese restaurants. He works closely with each award-winning chef and expertly picks the season’s best teas to match the flavors of Guangdong, Chiu Chow, Sichuan and North of China.

Bei Shan Lou Seasonal Tea & Stewed Goose

The distinct aroma of American ginseng stands out in this blend of mellow black tea and pine needle tea and cuts through the rich flavor of the stew.

Pak Loh Seasonal Tea & Marinated Dishes

Roasted oolong infused with the refreshing fragrance of osmanthus and fingered citron, a perfect match for the aromatic soy.

Pang’s Kitchen Seasonal Tea & Fish Head

This blend of aged white tea, aged mandarin peel and ginger will complement and enhance the flavor of the fish.

Feng Wei House Mengding Ganlu & Chili Broth Dish

This premium tea from Mengding Mountain in Sichuan is highly valued for its elegant sweetness. It is a refreshing complement to the spicy Sichuan dish.

Tea Master Andrew U

Born and raised in Macau, Andrew was exposed to tea culture at a very young age. To further this passion, he joined the Tea Art Professionals' Association of Macao and won the National Tea Sommelier Champion. At Galaxy Macau, Andrew will build on his wealth of knowledge and keep the wonderful art of tea alive by introducing innovative brewing techniques – one good example is the cold drip tea that is available only at Pak Loh Chiu Chow Restaurant.

Galaxy Tea Dinner Series

Award-winning tea master Andrew U will collaborate with a different master chef of Galaxy Macau to present a tasting experience like no other, joined by an outstanding team of tea masters from the Tea Art Professionals' Association of Macao with traditional calligraphy and Chinese string instrument performances. 

Chef Frank Ng of Pak Loh Chiu Chow Restaurant

The first event has been hold successfully on April 21 and 22, showcasing Chef Frank Ng of Pak Loh Chiu Chow Restaurant. He has used the spring tea curated by Tea Master Andrew to reinvent traditional Chiu Chow recipes, delivering a cultural and culinary experience no tea connoisseurs should miss. 

Event Highlights