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Yamazato Japanese Fine Dining

Yamazato Japanese Fine Dining

The charm of Japanese cuisine comes not only from the care and precision that goes into each delicately crafted dish, but also the ambience that accompanies each meal. Located on the 28th floor of Hotel Okura Macau, the simple and strikingly elegant Yamazato is infused with such charm. Subtle, minimal, distinctly Japanese surroundings, create a serene calm, as time seems to pass at a different pace here. Cast your gaze through the windows and absorb the breathtaking view of the elegant gardens of Galaxy Macau™, as you feast on a sumptuous array of masterfully crafted sushi, seafood, classic Japanese cuisine, and traditional Kaiseki dishes. The interior is comprised of the beautifully appointed main dining area, a tantalizing sushi bar, and an additional private dining room seating up to 12 guests. Whether dining alone, with a partner, or a larger party, Yamazato Japanese Restaurant is an excellent choice.

Restaurant Info
Opening Time:

17:30 – 22:00
(Closed on Mondays)

Hotel Okura Macau, 28/F
Dress Code:

Ladies - Smart casual, no slippers

Gents - Smart casual, no slippers


Children's Policy: Children are welcome to Yamazato.

Reservations for 5 persons and above can be booked by contacting the Restaurant directly. Tables are subject to availability.

Recommended dishes


Seasonal Soup

Dashi soup, made with the highest quality Rishiri Konbu seaweed from Hokkaido. Our chef slowly boils the Konbu bringing out the Umami flavor, adding Makurazaki bonito flakes to bring complexity. A sumptuously tasty soup of supreme seasonal ingredients.


Oita Bungo Beef

Oita Bungo is a premium wagyu beef highly prized within Japan for its rich flavor, high content of unsaturated fat and healthy nutrients, and Yamazato at Hotel Okura Macau is one of the few designated Japanese restaurants outside of Japan that is certified to serve Bungo beef from Oita.


Seasonal Sashimi

By selecting only the very best produce from meticulously sourced ingredients, Yamazato presents the seasonal beauty from Japan.


Special Offers

Shojin Vegetarian Kaiseki

Savor nature’s gifts with this plant-based kaiseki inspired by “shojin ryori” with over a thousand years of history in Japan.

From June 22, 2024 to August 31, 2024
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Minaduki Kaiseki

Enjoy an exquisite feast that spotlights Japanese ingredients in their prime including pike conger and sweetfish.

June 1 to 30, 2024
Learn more


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