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Andaz Kitchen

Andaz Kitchen

An all-day dining neighborhood destination featuring live-action cooking where chefs create Portuguese, Macanese and neighborhood dishes. The inspiration behind the design of Andaz Kitchen stems from a series of old Macau shophouses, where the flavor and character of each room are a reflection of the cuisine on offer. In a nod to the maritime history of Macau, wooden archways are built into the interiors above, and the Portuguese mosaic tiles (azulejos) on the floor are a reminder of the city's European heritage. The wall feature titled, "Layers of Tradition", showcases a carefully curated collection of ceramic blue-and-white plates with hand-painted motifs inspired by Chinese and Portuguese accents commonly seen in Macau.


Executive Chef André Lai, whose love for culinary arts began in his childhood, grew up in a family of diverse cultural influences. Well-versed in both Portuguese and Chinese cuisines, he will present an array of Portuguese, Macanese and neighborhood dishes, helping guests connect through shared experiences.


Restaurant Info
Opening Time:

Breakfast: 6:30-10:30
Lunch: 12:00-14:30
Dinner: 18:00-22:30


Andaz Macau, North Tower, Level 6

Signature Dish

salad signature dish

Cured Hamachi, Baby Gem Lettuce, Sesame Vinaigrette

Lettuce, egg, croutons—with Atlantic amberjack (popularly known as hamachi in the East) as the star ingredient. The umami sweetness of Chef’s home cured fish mingles with the satisfying crunch of Crispy Chicken Skin. A tender soft-boiled egg adds a comforting richness, reminiscent of shared family meals. 

andaz kitchen signature dish 2

Portuguese Seafood Rice with Clams, Mussels, Prawns and Boston Lobster

A traditional recipe from the coast of Portugal, with a luxurious lift from Boston lobster. The rich flavors of various seafood are balanced by sweet acidic tomatoes and the freshness of coriander. With the rice soaking up the delicious broth, every mouthful is a real delight. 

andaz kitchen signature dish 3

“Camarão ao Alhinho” – Sautéed Prawns with Chili and Garlic

A homage to the fishing traditions of Portugal, fresh prawns are garlic fried and served in a copper “cataplana”, a cookware used by fishmen to cook their daily catch. 

andaz kitchen signature dish 4

Tuna Ceviche, Soft Boiled Egg, Avocado, Pata Negra

A refreshing start to any meal, zingy citrus enhances the sweetness of tuna slices, while avocado and soft-boiled egg contribute to its creaminess.  

andaz kitchen signature dish 5

“African” Chicken, Sweet Potato Chips

This dish sums up the Portuguese’ voyage from Europe to Macau. Over ten ingredients from Africa, India and China are used for the marinade before the chicken is grilled to tasty perfection. Despite its name, African Chicken was actually invented in Macau.