First-in-Macau 30-Year FISHERMAN Style Seafood Specialist
Now open at Galaxy Macau
Galaxy Macau Tam Chai Yu Chun

Galaxy Macau Tam Chai Yu Chun

A popular seafood specialist with over 30 years of history in Macau, Tam Chai Yu Chun (Seafood Restaurant) is famous for introducing “Tanka” (boat people’s) cooking methods to the preparation of jet-fresh ingredients, specializing in seafood. Now the restaurant is bringing its authentic flavor to Galaxy Macau™!

Lovers of Cantonese seafood dishes will be impressed by the variety of cooking methods such as steaming, poaching, salt-baking and deep-frying with garlic and salt. Every approach is aimed at showcasing the beauty of the fresh ingredients such as our signature dishes Poached Shrimp and Fisherman-style Baked Squid with Soy Sauce. The menu also covers everything from comforting soup and homely stir-fries to premium delicacies and sashimi, making Galaxy Macau Tam Chai Yu Chun the ideal place for joyful gatherings. 

Restaurant Info
Opening Time:

Lunch: 11:30 - 15:00
Dinner: 18:00 - 22:00


Galaxy Macau, 1/F, 1001

Recommended dishes


Steamed Local Dried Fish, Shrimp and Silver Bait

Dried seafood has always been a comfort food for local fishing families, especially when it is prepared in traditional methods like the kind that we are using at the restaurant. The air-dried shrimp, silver bait and fish have a sharper, more concentrated flavor than the fresh ones and are particularly delicious when steamed with ginger and our homemade soy sauce. 


Fisherman-style Baked Crab with Salt

Salt-baking has the advantage of ensuring the shellfish is evenly cooked. It helps to retain the natural jus of the crab while giving it a savory flavor. To create this dish, we use mud crabs from the Pearl River Delta while they are 3 months old and rich with roe. 


Poached Shrimp

Poaching is the best way to fully enjoy the unique sweetness of these shrimp from the Pearl River Delta. Skillful control of cooking time results in moist, tender-crisp shellfish with loads of flavor. No wonder this dish remains an all-time favorite among diners.