Galaxy Macau Hosts “Your Fortune Starts Here” Celebrating a Traditional Chinese New Year

Galaxy Macau Hosts “Your Fortune Starts Here” Celebrating a Traditional Chinese New Year

(Hong Kong and Macau, January 31, 2018) – Galaxy Macau™, Broadway Macau™ and StarWorld Hotel have joined together to present “Your Fortune Starts Here”, an authentic Lunar New Year celebration that honors Chinese traditions and ushers in an abundant Year of the Dog. The resort will be magnificently decorated for the occasion, while a spectacular series of festive performances and events will leave families and friends with blissful photos and cherished memories of this warm and loving holiday.

Fortuitous Celebration at Galaxy Macau

“Your Fortune Starts Here” at Galaxy Macau is brought to life through a stunning abundance of traditional Chinese décor. As guests first arrive on the property, they are greeted by Chinese lanterns whose warm glow lights up the night sky, offering them a taste of the holiday experience before they even step into the resort. Once inside, Chinese drums are a key design element that can be found across the resort, as well as traditional Chinese knots dangling from the ceiling, creating a complete scene of celebration.

Golden trees adorn each side of the entrance with dozens of red packets hung on the branches and golden ingots around the roots, bringing good prospects and wealth to Galaxy Macau’s visitors. Entering the Diamond Lobby, guests are welcomed by two giant New Year couplets decorated with red velvet and metallic flowers. They are then dazzled by the marvelous 9-meter-tall lanterns that illuminate the lobby from 9pm onwards, symbolizing bright prospects in the year ahead. Five colorful, lucky lions can also be found amongst the Chinese drums at the center of the Diamond Lobby

At the center of East Square, a 6.5-meter-tall Lucky Dog blesses guests with prosperity and abundance. The booths along one side of the square are dressed in traditional Chinese New Year decorations, offering tantalizing culinary options which can then be enjoyed at drum-shaped tables. Opposite this, two sets of drums are waiting for guests to recreate classic rhythms that will  fill each day with prosperity and fortune.

Prosperous Festivities Continue at Broadway Macau & StarWorld Hotel

Standing guard at the Broadway link Bridge, which leads to Broadway Macau, are the 12 golden animal figures of “My Fortune Zodiac”. By scanning the QR code of their own zodiac sign, guests can reveal their fortune forecast for the Year of the Dog.

PediCab singers will also take guests on a special Chinese tour, offering them an authentic CNY journey at Broadway Macau. Moreover, a heartwarming performance by Bobo & Gang will feature harmonious Chinese New Year tunes at Happy Square every night.

At StarWorld Hotel, 12 three-dimensional golden Zodiac figures are the center piece of the lobby. The dog figure is raised up in the center, rotating on its platform, accompanied by the 11 other zodiac figures and surrounded by over a hundred gold coins. Guests are invited to join the crowds to watch the CNY Special Show, where the Fortune Family will bring an added blessing of luck and prosperity.

Lavish decorations, an immersive Chinese New Year atmosphere and a marvelous line-up of festive events are certain to bring prosperity and wealth to all guests and their loved ones in the exciting year ahead at Galaxy Macau, Broadway Macau and StarWorld Hotel.