We Are Ready

As one of the world’s leading integrated resorts, we know that happiness begins with peace of mind. To welcome you back, we have put in place in-depth and advanced preventive measures to ensure that you have a safe and pleasant time with us.

Comprehensive Preventive Measures

Staff Required to Wear Face Masks
Contactless Hand Sanitizers
Advanced Thermal Screening Technology
Health Declaration Form
Maintain Physical Distance
Nano Coating Sanitization
ATP Swab Tests
Hospital Grade Disinfectants
Electrostatic Misting Sanitization

Your Safe Journey

Your safe journey begins even before you arrive. Thorough and in-depth cleaning, combined with comprehensive health and safety measures, we are doing our utmost to make your stay with us a safe and memorable one.

Limousine & Shuttle Bus

  • Limousine door handles thoroughly disinfected before every trip
  • Cabins cleaned with antiseptic disinfectants
  • Electrostatic misting treatment to sanitize the cabins


  • Complimentary luggage disinfection service for hotel guests
  • Complimentary hygiene kits with face masks, hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes
  • Every room has undergone electrostatic misting for disinfection
  • Use of hospital grade disinfectants to sanitize hard surfaces with special attention to key touch points such as switches, buttons, remote controls, telephones and bathroom fixtures, etc.
  • ATP swab tests are conducted on a regular basis to ensure surfaces are clean


  • Reception counters sanitized every hour
  • Contactless sanitizer for cleaning hands
  • Complimentary hygiene kits with face mask envelope, disinfecting wipes and sanitizer spray at premium restaurants
  • Chairs, tables, tableware and menus all thoroughly disinfected after each use
  • View digital menus by scanning QR code with mobile phones; contactless payment options are available to minimize contact

Grand Resort Deck

  • High quality water filtration system and in-depth disinfection to ensure water quality meets global sanitary standards
  • Chaise lounge disinfected after each use; physical distancing between each chair
  • Changing rooms disinfected at least once per hour

The Promenade Shops

  • Advanced robots to conduct cleaning and disinfection
  • Escalator railings and elevator buttons sanitized every hour
  • Every shop deep cleaned every day
  • Restrooms sanitized once per hour, and every 30 minutes for high traffic restrooms. They are also thoroughly disinfected daily
  • Deep cleaning for ventilation and air conditioning system; air filters routinely cleaned and regularly replaced
  • IAQ testing to ensure air quality meets global standards

Galaxy Cinemas

  • Physical distancing at box office and in queues
  • Every other seat is left vacant for physical distancing
  • Cinema chair armrests disinfected between screenings
  • Theater chairs undergo steam cleaning for in-depth sanitization
  • Cinema theaters deep cleaned through electrostatic misting treatment by end of each day

Foot Hub

  • Use of hospital grade disinfectants to sanitize hard surfaces with special attention to key touch points
  • Reception counter and elevator buttons sanitized every hour
  • Restrooms sanitized once per hour and thoroughly disinfected daily
  • Lounge chairs and massage beds disinfected after each use