Crystal Lobby Show
A dazzling masterpiece crafted from 380,000 crystals
Galaxy Macau
Galaxy Macau

Crystal Lobby Show


No performance: November 14 to 28, 2022


In the center of this awe-inspiring space, where European opulence meets technological innovation, is the shimmering Crystal Lobby Show, constructed of 380,000 precision-cut fine crystals, assembled into an exquisite masterpiece of art and engineering. An immersive technicolor spectacle begins as the pavilion’s 146,000 individually programmed points of light are activated. Above the pavilion is a kinetic ceiling, an artistic representation of the lotus, the flower of Macau and a symbol of perfection and possibilities. 12 luminous chandeliers can rotate 360° while intricate engineering allows the ceiling to float downwards to meet the pavilion, under which a central crystal orb spins to spectacular effect. The petals on the ceiling morph and evolve as lights beam from the pavilion, all choreographed to original music and exuberant fountain effects to dazzle the senses with light, color, sound and performance – connecting with everyone on an emotional level.
The Signature Show - “Infinite Possibility”

From infinite light comes infinite possibility. Bask in the radiance of possibility, as the Crystal Pavilion becomes a portal to the infinite light of the galaxy. The Crystal Pavilion transports guests to a place where no dream is too far to reach, and everything is possible. 

At the start of the show, a brilliant, pure light washes over the pavilion at the center of the lobby. It is the light of the galaxy, containing within it all the possibility, all the promise, of the cosmos. On the domed ceiling above, a crystal lotus shimmers with radiance, a symbol of perfection and rebirth. 

With a flourish of music, the Crystal Pavilion instantly comes alive driven by a modern and energetic soundtrack. Rich purples and deep reds overtake the pavilion, as an original music score sets a mood of enchantment and wonder. At the heart of it all, patterns of white light ripple outward from the center of the crystal lotus, a symbol of rebirth and possibility throughout Macau and the world. 

It’s as if the Crystal Pavilion captures the total light of the galaxy, and the thousands of crystals serve as prisms to unlock its possibilities for guests. With each new pulse of color and music comes new promise and emotions—happiness, beauty, wonder, prosperity. 

As the show progress, the pavilion itself transforms, moving with stunning fluidity, as the fountains around it dance in sync. Crystal orbs descend from the ceiling and rotate, as the crystal lotus spins. It all builds into a radiant finale, where the ceiling floats down to meet the top of the pavilion, and the full spectrum of lights combine in a dazzling display. 

Performance time:
12:15 – 21:45, every 30 minutes (Mon - Thur); 10:15 – 23:45, every 30 minutes (Fri, Sat, Sun & Public Holidays)
Crystal Lobby, Galaxy Macau