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East West fusion cuisine started in the mid 16th century when Portuguese traders first settled in Macau. Macanese cuisine, in its 500 years or so of continuous evolution, has absorbed influences and adopted ingredients from everywhere Portuguese traders and colonists went, including Africa, South America, India and Southeast Asia. These influences have intermingled with regional Chinese cooking styles in Macau - while at the same time both specifically Chinese and Portuguese cooking traditions have continued to thrive separately. Today those cuisines, at their very pinnacle of taste and expertise, are offered at Galaxy MacauTM and Broadway MacauTM, to appreciative local and visiting gourmets.     

Portuguese Seafood Rice

Seafood Rice, or Arroz de Mariscos, is to the Portuguese what Paella is to the Spanish or Risotto to the Italians. The essence of the dish is in the quality of the ingredients – the freshest of seafood, a good rich fish stock, and good Portuguese olive oil and white wine. Arroz de Mariscos is a signature dish at Galaxy Macau’s Gosto Macanese and Portuguese restaurant, where Chef Celestino uses short-grain rice to produce a distinctive wet-rice dish full of the heady aromas and flavors of the sea.

Portuguese Suckling Pig and Portuguese Baked Duck Rice

A taste for Suckling Pig and rice dishes is common to Portugal and China. The Portuguese roast the pig until the flesh, seasoned with salt, pepper and garlic, has acquired an almost creamy consistency, while the skin becomes crisp and crunchy. Baked Duck Rice, or Arroz de Pato, is another Portuguese national favorite, originally from the Minho region of Portugal, which has long been a Macau staple. In the best interpretations the duck is cooked to salty tenderness, and the richly flavored rice baked until a crust forms. Both dishes are specialities at Broadway Macau’s Dragon Portuguese Cuisine.


Bacalhau, meaning dried salted cod, is one of the defining ingredients of much Portuguese cuisine, and tradition has it that there are more than 365 ways to prepare it -  so you could have a different Bacalhau dish every day of the year. It probably came to Macau with the first Portuguese settlers, around 500 years ago, and is a staple ingredient at most of Macau’s Portuguese and Macanese restaurants. Some of the many ways it can be prepared may be experienced at Gosto.

Local Crabs

Crab dishes are a favorite common theme to most of the cuisines served in Macau, with different species of both sea and freshwater crabs being popular delicacies. Macau’s waters are fertile breeding grounds for the crustaceans, and locally caught crabs are considered particularly flavorful. Among the seafood restaurants specialising in gourmet crab dishes is Broadway Macau’s Michelin-Plate Wong Kun Sio Kung, which is famous for its Sea Crab Congee, a rice casserole dish of which a market fresh giant sea crab is the star attraction.

Macau Candy

The Chinese and Portuguese have a sweet tooth in common, so it should be no surprise that Macau is known for such sugar-intensive delights as Almond Cookies, Nougat Candy, Peanut Candy and Egg Rolls, sold for many years in the old-town alleyways of Taipa Village, and now equally authentically on Galaxy Macau and Broadway Macau, which cherishes and preserves the unique and historic confectionery and patisserie traditions of the city.

Macau Quick Bites

Broadway Macau is the place to go to experience Macau’s street food tradition at its delicious best. Favorites include the Portuguese Pork Chop Sandwich, and especially the legendary Pasteis de Nata – Portuguese Egg Tart – a delicacy originating as far back as the 18th century in Portugal, but perfected in Macau, and one of the most popular choices for peripatetic grazing on Broadway Macau, where delights from the best of the Portuguese and Macanese culinary traditions can be found side by side.

Traditions and Innovations

The original location for authentic East-West fusion food, Macau is one of the great gastronomic destinations of the world – and at Galaxy Macau and Broadway Macau adventurous foodies will be able to find both traditional gourmet favorites reflecting centuries of heritage, and new interpretations of time honored recipes and culinary traditions. These restaurants are what makes Macau one of the essential experiences for international gourmets.  


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