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Yoshimori Teppanyaki

Yoshimori Teppanyaki gathers the finest fresh ingredients from around the world, to cook up delicious, authentic Japanese Teppanyaki. Great quality, great value, and exciting, interactive chefs’ performances all combine to create a truly unique dining experience.

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Temporarily closed until further notice

Galaxy Macau, G/F, G117

Recommended dishes

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Teppan Live Dalian Abalone

A recommendation from chef Jeffrey. Premium abalone from Dalian is used with a special secret recipe sauce, cooked with natural butter so that the flavors come to life in your mouth.

Norwegian Salmon

We’ve carefully selected sustainably raised salmon that is fed an all-natural diet in Norway. Seared on the teppanyaki grill with butter, the delicate fillets carry a golden crust on the outside, and a perfect medium-rare center.

New Zealand Lamb Rack

Premium grass-fed lamb from New Zealand is known for its tenderness and succulence. To preserve the exceptional flavor of this fine ingredient, the meat is browned on high heat on the teppanyaki grill, while the inside remains soft and pink.