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Blossom Palaces

Renowned Peking duck specialist “Blossom Palaces” debuts in Macau, paying homage to authentic Beijing and Huaiyang cuisines while embracing innovation. The open kitchen puts the custom-built wood-fired oven on full display, inviting you to revel in the culinary spectacle as the ducks transform into crispy, amber-hued delicacies. The dining environment showcases elegant Chinese design with stylish contemporary touches, offering the perfect backdrop for savoring a variety of meticulously prepared dishes. Your duck is carved tableside by our skillful chef, which is sure to add a sense of theater to your dining experience. Complemented by impressive tea and wine-pairing selections by our tea master and sommelier, your visit to Blossom Palaces is a journey of multi-sensory discovery. 

Restaurant Info
Opening Time:

11:30 - 15:00 / 18:00 - 22:30


1/F, Galaxy Macau

(near JW Marriott Hotel Macau)

Dress Code:

Ladies & Gentlemen: Smart casual, no slippers and no bathrobes

The Secret of Blossom Palaces Signature Peking Duck

Blossom Palaces is deeply committed to delivering Peking ducks of remarkable quality. The restaurant’s dedication is evident in the careful sourcing of ducks from its designated farm in Mainland China. Each weighing approximately 2.3-2.4kgs, the celebrated “Beijing Four-Strain Duck” is specially chosen for its tender and juicy meat. 

The pursuit of perfection extends from the farm to the kitchen. Our red-brick oven is custom-built and ingeniously designed to ensure even distribution of heat during roasting. Even the fruitwood that fuels the oven is carefully considered and varies according to season, imparting layers of fruity aroma to the roasted duck. 



Traditional Wood Fire Roasted Peking Duck with Foie Gras, Imperial Ossetra Caviar with Puff Pastry

Savor the epitome of culinary luxury with our roasted Peking duck, paired with the celebrated Kaluga Queen caviar – dubbed the “black gold” for its unique aroma and creamy texture. Topped with shaved foie gras, this signature dish is a symphony of textures and flavors. 


Braised Yellow Croaker Meat Ball with Spanish Ham in Chicken Broth

The exquisite meatball is meticulously handcrafted from fresh yellow croaker to ensure a fluffy texture. The sweet broth, simmered with 90-day-old hens, keeps the meatball moist while imparting an umami flavor to each bite. The addition of Iberico ham takes it to another level. 


Streamed Yellow Croaker with Hairy Crab Roe

Large yellow croaker is deboned while keeping the body in one piece, showcasing the chef’s mastery of knife skills. The fish is marinated with lemon and ginger juice, stuffed with a rich crab soup, sealed with shrimp mousse, then steamed to perfection. Crowned with a luscious thick sauce of hairy crab meat and roe, each bite unveils layers of umami flavors. 


Chilled Hairy Crab Roe Jelly with Sea Urchin

An original dish by Blossom Palaces. This chilled appetizer is made with a savory clear broth, hairy crab meat and a dash of Huadiao wine. Topped with a rich sauce of sea urchin, crab meat and crab roe, this translucent delicacy makes every mouthful a refreshing taste sensation.


Slow-cooked Wagyu Beef in Beijing Style

Premium Australian wagyu beef is simmered in a rich stock for 4 hours until tender perfection. The stock is caramelized to create a sauce that infuses the wagyu beef with color and deep flavors. Accompanied by glutinous pan-fried yam cakes, this is a truly savory dish of bold flavors.



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