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Macau's Spectacular New Year Concert Sets a New Benchmark in Asian Entertainment at Galaxy Arena

Macau's Spectacular New Year Concert Sets a New Benchmark in Asian Entertainment at Galaxy Arena

Unleashing Unparalleled Artistry and Technological Marvels

Propelling Macau as a City of Performing Arts


(Macau SAR, 1 January, 2024,) As 2023 drew to a close, the "2024 JSTV New Year’s Eve Concert" illuminated the night in Macauquickly becoming the focal point of the entertainment industry and a trending topic in social media. Held in Macau’s newest and largest Galaxy Arena, the concert was a magnificent spectacle. An assembly of esteemed celebrities from Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan converged, gracing the occasion with their luminous presence. They delivered an enthralling performance that captivated over 10,000 audiences on-site, while sending ripples of excitement through the millions watching worldwide, bidding a grand adieu to 2023 and welcoming 2024 with vibrant energy.


Beyond the highly sought-after lineup of celebrities, this event's spotlight shone on its unparalleled stage construction and visual presentation, elevating "Asia's top show" to new heights with a dedicated pursuit of industrial aesthetics. The organizers enlisted world-class teams, both domestically and internationally, to fully exploit the unique spatial flexibility and adaptability of the venue. They skillfully linked Galaxy Arena and Galaxy International Convention Center, introducing an innovative dual-stage design. This expanded the stage area to over 2,000 square meters, setting a new benchmark for indoor stage sizes in the Greater Bay Area. The venue was transformed into an immersive cosmic realm, utilizing the venue's advanced high-definition broadcast technology and clear visual design. A colossal "wormhole" structure, measuring 40 meters in length, over 25 meters in height, and spanning more than 60 meters in width, became the stunning centerpiece of the stage visuals. Equipped with over 2,200 square meters of LED screens and nearly 200 tons of stage effects equipment, and augmented by the latest in virtual technology, imaginative visual elements like "flying saucers" were vividly brought to life, creating an unparalleled visual spectacle and eliciting frequent gasps of wonder from the audience.


Since its opening in April 2023, Galaxy Arena has quickly risen as Macau's leading destination for world-class cultural and entertainment events. Its immense capacity and flexible space are complemented by over 400 large digital screens, state-of-the-art audio-visual systems, and comprehensive high-definition broadcasting capabilities. Together, these elements merge to forge an immersive experience, positioning each event as a unique spectacle at the pinnacle of global entertainment.


In the lead-up to the New Year celebration, Galaxy Arena had already welcomed an array of international stars and prestigious events throughout 2023, including K-Pop superstar BLACKPINK,  global megastar JACKSON WANG, Cantopop diva Kelly Chen and the annual mainland entertainment extravaganza “iQiYi Scream Night”. Each event has showcased the venue's grandeur and magnetic pull, consistently drawing full houses and earning widespread acclaim. As 2024 unfolds, Galaxy Arena is set to continue its trajectory of excellence. Grammy® Award-nominated OneRepublic is scheduled to perform their "The Artificial Paradise Tour" on 21 January, 2024, marking a groundbreaking first for a Western band at the venue. Soon after, the K-pop idol group ENHYPEN will bring their 2024 World Tour "FATE" to Macau on 26-28 January, 2024, furthering Galaxy Arena’s reputation for hosting exceptional performances that enthrall audiences from across the globe. The anticipation is high for more extraordinary events to come. 


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An impressive lineup of celebrities from Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan lit up the "2024 JSTV New Year’s Eve Concert", celebrating the countdown to 2024 with millions of viewers on-site and online across the world.


The groundbreaking dual-stage extending over 2,000 square meters, set a new record for indoor stage size in the Greater Bay Area