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A Series of Short Videos and Gastronomic Promotions Interprets “Authentic Flavor from the Heart”, Showcasing the Diverse Tourism Elements of Macau

(Mar 26, 2024, Macau SAR) With the support of the Macao Government Tourism Office, Galaxy Macau™ Integrated Resort proudly presents the second season of its culinary campaign, Galaxy Macau Artisans of Flavor. Centered around the theme of Authentic Flavors from the Heart, the campaign will bring together the award-winning restaurants and artisan chefs of Galaxy Macau, using authentic ingredients and exquisite culinary skills to meticulously recreate and elevate the authentic flavors of classic Chinese cuisines such as Northern, Hunan and Sichuan, as well as Cantonese Cuisine, unique Macanese cuisine, and authentic international cuisines such as Japanese, Thai, and Italian. This allows food enthusiasts from around the world to savor authentic flavors and immerse in the dining environment, while deeply experiencing the inheritance and innovation of culinary culture, and gracious hospitality at Galaxy Macau. This initiative also demonstrates Galaxy Entertainment Group’s commitment to supporting the Macau SAR Government's promotion of the Tourism + concept, showcasing diverse tourism elements and enriching Macau's identity as the UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy and the World Center of Tourism and Leisure, through the combination of Tourism + Gastronomy.

On March 25, a well-attended launch banquet took place at CHINA ROUGE in Galaxy Macau. Mr. Cheng Wai Tong, Deputy Director of the Macao Government Tourism Office, Mr. Iu Iam Lim, Vice President of Macau Cuisine Association, Mr. Young Wing Sing, Director of the Macau Food & Beverage Industry Development Association, Ms. Mandy Chan Pui Lan, Tea Art Professionals’ Association of Macau President, along with senior executives from Galaxy Macau, joined dozens of media representatives and renowned media and food critics from mainland China, Hong Kong, and Macau to celebrate highlights from the first season of Galaxy Macau Artisans of Flavor and witness the unveiling of the second season. The venue was adorned with a refreshing woodland-themed decor, evoking a dreamy atmosphere reminiscent of The Wizard of Oz. Tables were adorned with enticing herbal ingredients from various countries and regions such as Italian Amalfi lemons, baby purple cauliflower, Thai kaffir lime and lemongrass, enhancing the ambiance with their fragrant aroma and tangible textures. The culinary delights crafted by the master chef team using these classic ingredients also allowed guests to immerse themselves in Galaxy Macau's relentless pursuit of original and authentic gourmet experiences.

Mr. Raymond Yap, Senior Director of Integrated Resort Services of Galaxy Entertainment Group, in his address, highlighted: "As one of the finest destinations in Asia, Galaxy Macau consistently strives to offer our guests a diverse range of flavor experiences. Galaxy Macau Artisans of Flavor embodies Galaxy Entertainment Group’s commitment to inheriting and innovating culinary culture. Through this integration project of ' Tourism + Gastronomy', we continue to uphold our commitment to supporting the SAR Government in promoting the diversified development of Macau's tourism industry, showcasing Macau's vibrant tourism elements, and highlighting Macau as the UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy".

This year, Galaxy Macau will be launching a series of gastronomic promotions, welcoming the opening of several distinctive restaurants, and presenting a meticulously curated video series to complement these initiatives. These videos will invite gastronomes from different regions and countries who will share the authentic charm of their respective cuisines from a professional and unique perspective. They will highlight the genuine flavors showcased at Galaxy Macau and the master chefs' pursuit of ultimate craftsmanship, allowing diners to not only enjoy authentic hometown flavors but also experience the emotional connections and cultural significance embedded within.

The inaugural video features Dong Jianmin, a renowned food critic and host of CCTV's culinary program, who hails from Beijing and focuses on Northern Chinese cuisines. Dong will explore various Northern restaurants at Galaxy Macau, including Blossom Palaces, Bei Shan Lou, and The Noodle Kitchen, delving into aspects such as ingredient selection, cooking techniques, interior design inspiration, ambiance, team dynamics, and service standards. Through this exploration, he unveils the recreation and innovation of authentic Northern flavors within Galaxy Macau, as well as the profound nostalgia and enduring local sentiments behind their timeless and exquisite taste.

This first chapter has been released on the official website and social media platforms of Galaxy Macau. Each restaurant will also introduce classic or seasonal Northern dishes to delight the taste buds of food enthusiasts during this refreshing spring season. The well-known Blossom Palaces will showcase the beloved Northern flavor of Fruitwood Roast Duck with its specialist on Beijing and Huaiyang cuisine. The well-selected “Beijing Four-Strain Duck” undergoes a series of meticulous and complex processes before entering the oven. During the roasting process, seasonal fruitwood is used as fuel to impart a delightful aroma to the duck. Subsequently, a skillful chef employs special technique originating from the imperial court, to ensure the duck is evenly heated and excess fat is rendered out. The freshly baked roast duck emerges plump, full-bodied, and enticingly fragrant. Each bite of its crispy skin and tender meat is a memorable experience. While Bei Shan Lou, which focuses on Liaoning, Jilin, Heilongjiang and Shandong flavors, will offer seasonal nourishing dishes. Inheriting the essence of cuisine from Northern China, the chef curates a seasonal menu, highlighting spring ingredients sought-after for their taste and health benefits, such as Chinese Toon and Spring Bamboo Shoots. Using traditional Northern culinary methods, he presents the authentic taste that has been enjoyed for decades, or even centuries, by the people of the region. Culinary experts from Shanxi, the hometown of noodles, The Noodle Kitchen stand ready to impress your taste buds with authentic flavor of North and South China. They will offer Qingdao King Prawn, Quinoa Noodle Soup and Poached Pork, Crab Meat, Shrimp Dumplings. Quinoa contributes to the springy texture of the healthy noodles that swim in an umami-packed prawn broth. These handmade parcels with juicy fillings are enhanced by the spicy aroma of Sichuan chilies and peppers.

Moreover, guests who use ICBC Galaxy Macau Visa Card to settle payments at selected restaurants in Galaxy Macau will enjoy a discount of up to 20%.

For updates on the subsequent releases of the Galaxy Macau Artisans of Flavor video series and more exciting promotions, please visit the official website at or follow Galaxy Macau on social media platforms such as WeChat, Douyin and Red.

Photo Captions

Galaxy Macau Artisans of Flavor_Group photo_(1).jpg
(Middle at front row) Mr. Cheng Wai Tong, Deputy Director of the Macao Government Tourism Office, (Second from right) Mr. Raymond Yap, Senior Director of Integrated Resort Services of Galaxy Entertainment Group, along with the senior executives and star chefs of Galaxy Macau, proudly presented the second season of Galaxy Macau Artisans of Flavor, Authentic Flavors from the Heart.
Mr Raymond Yap speech_R_(1).jpg
Mr. Raymond Yap, Senior Director of Integrated Resort Services of Galaxy Entertainment Group delivered a speech at the media banquet.
GM1178-FBN-2403-016_Artisan 2.0_Mar_KV_(1).jpg
The video series of the second season of Galaxy Macau Artisans of Flavor will be available online on the Galaxy Macau official website and social media platforms, narrating the Authentic Flavors from the Heart.
Executive Chef_Andre Lai_R_(1).jpg
André Lai
Executive Chef of Andaz Kitchen, Andaz Macau
Executive Chef_Riccardo La Perna_R_(1).jpg
Riccardo La Perna
Executive Chef of 8½ Otte e Mezzo BOMBANA at Galaxy Macau
Chinese Executive Chef_Jackie Ho_R_(1).jpg
Jackie Ho
Chinese Executive Chef at
The Ritz-Carlton, Macau
Executive Chef_Jan Ruangnukulkit.JPG
Jan Ruangnukulkit
Executive Chef of Saffron, Banyan Tree Macau
Executive Chinese Chef_Chan Chek Keong_R.jpg
Chan Chek Keong
Executive Chinese Chef of StarWorld Hotel and Head Chef of Feng Wei Ju
Executive Pastry Chef_Yam Lok Hin_R.jpg
Lok Hin Yam
Executive Pastry Chef, Galaxy Macau
General Manager & Chief Sommelier_Marino Braccu_R.jpg
Marino Braccu
General Manager and Chief Sommelier of 8½ Otte e Mezzo BOMBANA at Galaxy Macau


A stellar lineup of renowned chefs will preside over the various distinctive restaurants under Galaxy Macau, presenting guests with authentic flavors from different regions and countries with authentic ingredients and exquisite culinary skills.

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