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(Macau SAR, June 12, 2023) — Galaxy Arena is pleased to announce a three-year strategic cooperation agreement with TME Live. Moving forward, the parties will draw upon their respective resources and experience to organize an array of entertainment events with the aim of promoting the development of Macau’s culture and entertainment industry.


As new strategic partners, Galaxy Arena and TME Live will join hands to launch a comprehensive plan to take Macau’s cultural and entertainment industries to the next level over the next three years.   Under the new strategic cooperation agreement, the two parties will co-organise a vast range of exciting performances and entertainment extravaganzas, both in-venue or online, including top-tier concert tours, music festivals, music ceremonies, and more. These events will take place at Galaxy Arena, one of Galaxy’s newly developed world-class entertainment venues. This partnership aims to deliver extraordinary performances to locals and tourists from around the world who seek out various experiences during their visit in our resort. By engaging visitors with a diverse range of experiences, this will also help promote Macau’s “tourism+” cross-sector integration.


To kick off the collaboration, Galaxy Arena and TME Live recently joined forces to present the first stop of the famous Chinese singer Cai Xukun’s 2023 concert tour at Galaxy Arena, which was a resounding success. Not only was it the first global concert tour performance organized by TME Live over the past three years in Macau, but it also marked a major milestone in Cai Xukun’s quickly rising career as he became the first Mandarin singer to perform at Galaxy Arena. 


Since the partnership became official, Galaxy Arena and TME Live have been actively preparing a myriad of music and entertainment extravaganzas. This includes the 4th Tencent Music Entertainment Awards (TMEA) ceremony, an annual music event that remains hugely popular with music fans from near and far since its creation in 2019. This year, the highly acclaimed event will be held at Galaxy Arena across two days, Macau’s newest and largest entertainment venue, where top artists from different generations and places of the Mandarin music industry will gather to celebrate their incredible talent and achievements. Also held across two days, there will be a music festival to take place outdoors for the first time. With esteemed names such as Cai Xukun, Jolin Tsai, Paul Wong, Tiger Hu, Young Jack, Show Wesugi, Allen Su, Lala Hsu, Xian Zi, Tia Ray, Nicholas Teo, Jane Zhan, Faye Zhan and Zhou Shen on the line-up, fans are guaranteed an enhanced performance stage, a more international group of artists and a musical odyssey of epic proportions.



“To meet the overall needs of our visitors for a more diverse travel experience, we have been dedicated to introducing a wider range of music and entertainment elements in our integrated resort while striving to create more related facilities as attractions. One of these facilities is the all-new 16,000-seat Galaxy Arena,” says Francis Lui, Vice Chairman of Galaxy Entertainment Group. “We will continue to fully utilize this world-class venue to present more spectacular performances and an endless array of exciting entertainment for both locals and tourists. We are thrilled to collaborate with TME Live, as we firmly believe that this partnership has immense potential in encouraging cultural exchange between Macau and the Mainland, creating synergies, enriching the travel and leisure experiences of Macau residents and tourists, and propelling Macau’s cultural and entertainment industry to new heights.”


“For the past three years, TME Live has brought a diverse array of high-quality entertainment, both online and in real-life, to millions of music fans in China,” says Tsai-Chun Pan, Group Vice President of TME Content Cooperation Department. “Not only have we established a solid reputation through organizing and broadcasting more than a hundred concerts featuring artists such as Jay Chou, Cai Xukun, Andy Lau, and Rene Liu, but we also take pride in the huge success of the previous three editions of TMEA, which has gradually become an internationally renowned music extravaganza, enjoying widespread influence at home and abroad. Through this strategic partnership with Galaxy Arena, we are confident that we can bring music lovers a spectacular sonic feast for the eyes and the ears, promote extensive cultural exchange in the music industry, and continue to bring world-class Chinese music to an international fanbase.”


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Cai Xukun

Galaxy Arena has entered into a new strategic cooperation agreement with TME Live and the representatives of both sides attended the signing ceremony earlier. 

Galaxy Arena and TME Live recently joined forces to present the first stop of Chinese singer Cai Xukun’s 2023 concert tour at Galaxy Arena, which was a resounding success.


About Galaxy Arena

The 16,000-seat Galaxy Arena is the largest indoor arena in Macau and where spectacular events come to life – from world concert tours to thrilling fight nights, every guest at Galaxy Arena will enjoy 360° unobstructed views and high-quality surround sound while high definition broadcasting will bring the event to every corner of the arena. The Arena features 8 hospitality suites for guests to relax and network in luxuriously private surrounds while enjoying bespoke culinary services.

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