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Huai Yang Cuisine Shines at Galaxy Macau

Huai Yang Cuisine Shines at Galaxy Macau

(Hong Kong and Macau, 12 July 2018) — The art of Chinese cuisine is both broad and profound, comprising unique dishes from each region which are distinct in their taste and characteristics. From 23 July to 8 September, Galaxy Macau™ will bring Huai Yang cuisine, one of the four great regional cuisines of China, to Macau; supporting the Macao Government Tourism Office’s “2018 Macao Year of Gastronomy”. In collaboration with Huai Yang Cuisine Master Chef Ju Chang Long and gastronomist Mr. Shen Hong Fei, Galaxy Macau’s expert culinary talents bring this refined culinary art to the table with an exceptional selection of dishes that promise to dazzle the palate.

Asia’s leading dining destination, Galaxy Macau is a spectacular integrated resort renowned for offering the widest variety of international and Asian dining options with over 120 outlets serving up 56 different types of cuisine which originate from 13 countries and 18 regions around the world. Galaxy Macau is committed to introducing diverse masters of cuisine and bringing a refined culinary experience to guests.

Galaxy Macau has invited Master Chef Ju Chang Long, an authority of Huai Yang cuisine, to share his skillful dishes with guests in Macau. Featured in A Bite of China season 1 as the Master of Huai Yang Cuisine, Master Chef Ju’s Huai Yang specialty is celebrated for its artistic presentation, rich texture and light, elegant flavor, which allows the taste of the premium ingredients to shine through. Renowned for revolutionizing the culinary world as a food author and chef, he made a splash in the Chinese culinary world by recreating the “Red Mansion Banquet” and he has brought Huai Yang cuisine into the spotlight at Japanese cooking schools, public tastings and on television shows.



Take your taste buds on an inspiring gastronomic journey with more than 30 perfectly prepared Huai Yang dishes at Festiva, the well-known international buffet restaurant. Highlights include Huai Yang Marinated Duck, Braised Hui Fish with Bamboo Shoot and Ham, Steamed Pork Meat Balls with Glutinous Rice, Grilled Spicy Yabbies, made with exquisite ingredients such as Chinese white longsnout from the Yangtze River and young hairy “June Yellow Crab”, to provide new choices for Macau diners.

Lunch Buffet: from MOP 268* per person / Dinner Buffet: from MOP 488* per person


Lugang Cafe

Discover traditional Huai Yang cuisine at Lugang Cafe, where all Huai Yang special dishes are priced from MOP 98*. Highlights include Stewed Bamboo Shoots with Blue Yabby, Double-boiled Chicken Soup with Fish Maw and Matsutake and Braised White Longsnout with Preserved Vegetables. A glass of Taiwan’s famous Bubble Tea and a Shave Ice dessert topped with the freshest fruits of the season complete this incredible summer dining experience.


The Noodle Kitchen

Feast on delectable hand-pulled noodles and the finest Huai Yang cuisine at The Noodle Kitchen this summer. With prices starting from MOP 88*, highlights include Tossed Noodle with Baby Hairy Crab Roe, Stewed Chicken Soup with Matsutake and Shaped Tofu, Stir-fired Fish Maw and Egg White Topped with Crab Roe.


Exclusive Soup Dumpling at Galaxy Macau

In addition, Galaxy Macau's skilled culinary team is collaborating with Chef Ju and Mr. Shen Hong Fei, the chief consultant of China's leading food documentary “A Bite of China”, to create a unique soup dumpling encompassing superb cooking skills and special ingredients like sliced matsutake mushroom and snow crab. Presented on a bed of pine needles in the steamer and served with an environmentally-friendly drinking straw made from pasta, the soup dumpling will be available for a limited time at Galaxy Macau. If you want to taste a giant soup dumpling created by famous Chinese culinary talents, don’t miss this exclusive opportunity! Please check the Galaxy Macau official website for more details.


*All prices are in MOP, and subject to 10% service charge

For more information or reservations, please visit or call +853 2888 0888.





Steamed Pork Meat Balls with Glutinous Rice will be available at Festiva, a first-class buffet restaurant in Galaxy Macau.


Discover traditional Huai Yang cuisine created by one of China’s top culinary masters at Lugang Cafe in Galaxy Macau, highlight dishes include Stewed Bamboo Shoots with Blue Yabby.


Feast on delectable hand-pulled noodles and the finest Huai Yang cuisine at The Noodle Kitchen in Galaxy Macau this summer. Special Huai Yang highlights include Stir-fired Fish Maw and Egg White Topped with Crab Roe.