Galaxy Macau Brings New NIRAV MODI Boutique to Galaxy Promenade

Galaxy Macau Brings New NIRAV MODI Boutique to Galaxy Promenade

(MACAU, 8 February 2018) – Macau’s most sophisticated retail destination, Galaxy Promenade at Galaxy Macau™, is adding NIRAV MODI to its unique luxury jewelry portfolio. The internationally renowned jewelry brand will open its fabulous new boutique’s doors on 9 February, presenting distinctive masterpieces to Galaxy Promenade’ discerning guests.

Hazel Wong, Assistant Senior Vice President of Retail for Galaxy Macau, said, “Galaxy Promenade offers our guests the latest, best and an unsurpassed range of world-famous luxury brands and fashionable boutiques. NIRAV MODI is an excellent addition to our portfolio and our guests will be delighted to explore the opulent world of an exceptional jeweler.”

Innovative designs, exceptional craftsmanship, unique flair, exquisite diamonds … all this and more is at the heart of NIRAV MODI. Known for attention to detail, Mr. Nirav Modi’s ambitious designs are evident in both his jewelry and the boutique’s interior, an environment that sparkles with beauty and creativity. Covering nearly 800 square feet, the new NIRAV MODI boutique is a visual representation and embodiment of the jeweler’s design philosophy and inspirations from nature. It also signifies the debut of a new shop façade design in Macau – an astonishing display of craftsmanship and design inspired by Mughal jewels. Visitors will be absorbed by the gentle glisten of NIRAV MODI jewels, with each subtle detail of the interior highlighting every collection and jewel’s magnificence.

The boutique will be home to the brand’s core collections, including the timeless NIRAV MODI Embrace® Collection, which celebrates the embrace of love and affection through the beautiful spirit of jewels, artistically engineered with an ingenious stretch mechanism made of 90 calibrated links in an interlocking pattern. The Jasmine Collection, inspired by the delicate and graceful Jasmine flower, captures the feminine aura of a woman. The unique features of this collection include the use of the specialized Jasmine cut® diamonds and purposeful asymmetry in design and craftsmanship. The Luminance Collection uses various types of diamond cuts to capture the playfulness and nuances of light. It features pear and marquise diamonds, in a unique combination of brilliant cut, old cut, Jasmine cut® and rose cut.

NIRAV MODI will also present one-of-a-kind creations from its High Jewelry Collection at the new boutique at Galaxy Promenade. These include the NIRAV MODI Emerald Waterfall Necklace, composed of bright green Colombian emeralds paired with Jasmine Cut® diamonds to evoke a gushing waterfall of color and sparkle. The design uses minimal metal in the diamond setting, giving the piece an ethereal appearance. The Constellation Necklace is a sense of wonder, with over 50 carats of diamonds arranged in a flexible knife’s edge setting, allowing the necklace to resemble a constellation of diamonds on the woman’s skin, complementing her rhythm and movement. These two exquisite High Jewelry Collection pieces – one-of-a-kind creations – demonstrates the brand’s astonishing level of craftsmanship and extraordinary design.

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NIRAV MODI’s new boutique at Galaxy Macau’s Galaxy Promenade represents the debut of the brand’s new shop façade design, an astonishing display of craftsmanship and design inspired by Mughal jewels.

NIRAV MODI is synonymous with innovative design, exceptional craftsmanship and unique flair using exquisite diamonds.

The Jasmine Collection, inspired by the delicate and graceful jasmine flower, captures the feminine aura.

NIRAV MODI Galaxy Macau Boutique

G109, Galaxy Promenade, Galaxy Macau™, Cotai, Macau.