Fantasia Garden Crafted From Paper
Fantasia Garden Crafted from Paper

Fantasia Garden Crafted from Paper

A colorful wonderland of fantastic creatures awaits the curious! Blending Chinese icons with her unique brand of creativity, renowned Chinese paper sculptor Wen Qiuwen transforms four Galaxy Macau™ attractions into magical gardens where exotic flora and fauna thrive among glowing stars and candy-colored planets.

About the Artist

An explorer of new traditions, Wen Qiuwen is recognized for her works that combine paper art and light sculpture, the most famous of which include "Southern Lion Girl" and "Shanhai Fish Lantern". She often deconstructs and re-creates traditional cultural symbols, ingeniously introducing surrealist elements to create thought-provoking scenography that offers a dreamy slice of theater and engages viewers on an emotional level. Her works are seen as Chinese symbols and have been exhibited at the Centre Pompidou in France, as well as art festivals in Italy, Hong Kong and various cities in Mainland China.

East Square: Fantasia Garden

In the galactic garden, fantastic creatures are waking up to the warmth of summer.

Immerse in this picturesque scene brimming with life and rich with multi-sensory experiences. A giant robin, the embodiment of love and purity, emits an enchanting glow, with flamingos and a hummingbird contributing to the magical atmosphere. The butterflies on the glass house will even release a soft fragrance as you walk near.

Be sure to check out the Cha Bei pop-up nearby for a unique coffee experience with delightful treats inspired by Wen’s artworks, and takeaway coffee cup sleeves adorned by her designs. 

From April 28 to August 31, 2023

Diamond Lobby: Nebula Garden

Above the nebula, glowing fish are swimming amidst the stars and lush foliage.

Crafted with intricate details from head to fins, the ethereal fish are a nod to the traditional fish lanterns of Southern Guangdong. By placing them in a vibrant yet surreal setting, artist Wen Qiuwen breathes new life into the familiar cultural symbol.

From April 28 to August 31, 2023

Crystal Lobby: Swallow Garden

Two swallows swoop down across a sea of flowers, causing a ripple with their wings of freedom.

This installation in two parts captures the lightness and grace of the birds in mid-flight. Carrying stars in their semi-transparent bodies and singing their songs of freedom, these bearers of good luck glide between candy-colored planets and giant sweets – like a chapter from a fable.

From April 28 to August 31, 2023

Pearl Lobby: Celestial Arch

Lit by the stars they have eaten, the hares transform into two celestial bodies.

Meet the giant hares of this galactic fantasy where stars are food, planets are candies and the moon has wings. Look carefully and you will see the intricate workings of the hares' bodies, one of which even has a large beating heart made of the love it perceives.  

From April 28 to June 15, 2023