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Dragon Portuguese Cuisine

Sebagai salah satu restoran Portugis yang paling lama berdiri dan ikonik di San Ma Lo, Dragon Portuguese Cuisine terus menarik banyak pelanggan tetap dan pengunjung yang penasaran akan kelezatan Babi Guling Panggang Portugis, Nasi Bebek Panggang Gaya Portugis, dan Kepiting Kari Buatan Naga.

Restaurant Info
Jam Buka:

Makan Siang: 12.00—15.00
Makan Malam: 18:00 - 22:00

Sabtu, Minggu & Hari Libur Nasional:
Makan Siang: 12:00 - 15:00
Makan Malam: 17:30 - 22:00


Broadway Food Street, A-G005-G009

Hidangan yang direkomendasikan

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Fried Cod Fish with Potato and Eggs

Salted cod known as bacalhau is the soul of many famous Portuguese dishes. Desalted bacalhau is sautéed with onions and crispy fried potatoes. Eggs are then added to the mix and quickly stir-fried so it stays creamy. The umami flavor from the cod and the contrast of soft egg and crunchy potato shreds come together in delicious harmony. 


Portuguese-style Baked Duck Rice

Dragon Portuguese Cuisine's signature Portuguese-style baked duck rice is a local favourite. With the sophisticated cooking steps, the rice covers the tender filling underneath cooked by the bone broth.

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Seafood Rice in Casserole

A celebration of the bounty of the sea that will transport you to the coast of Portugal. A variety of fresh seafood goes into a tomato stock. Its rich and intense flavor is soaked up by grains of fluffy rice. This sensational dish is further enriched by the addition of fresh prawns, crabs, sea bass, shellfish and squid.