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“GENESIS: Contemporary Installation Art Journey” Unveiled at GalaxyArt

Celebrating the season of new beginnings, Galaxy Entertainment Group collaborates with the Macau Artist Society to present Genesis, an inspiring exhibition showcasing the contemporary installation art of three emerging artists from Macau, Ng Man Wai, Sou Leng Fong and Cheong Hoi I, some of these works are the artists’ most ambitious works to date.

 “Genesis” is the ancient Greek word for “creation”, a fitting title for this GalaxyArt exhibition that celebrates the marvels of life. The three up-and-coming young local artists invite you into their unique world through sight, sound and smell, evoking all the feelings and sensations associated with new beginnings.

Vibrant, thought-provoking and fun, this journey of installation art highlights the joys and possibilities that come with the New Year. You are also invited to unleash your creative self by making derivative works through photos and videos, and participate in the workshops hosted by these artists.


Exhibition Venue: GalaxyArt, 1F Galaxy Promenade, Galaxy Macau
Period: February 2 to May 6, 2024
Workshop enrollment: https://bit.ly/genesis_workshop

NG MAN WAI [Doppelgänger: The Apple]

Creation Concept of [Doppelgänger: The Apple]
Ng Man Wai, with her realistic reproductions of ordinary objects, investigates the dichotomy between “real and unreal”, as well as “replication and variation”. Her work “Doppelgänger: The Apple” literally slices up this fruit of wisdom and symbol of good health, putting it under a new light for you to explore and “dissect” from different angles. 

SOU LENG FONG [Blooming]

Creation Concept of [Blooming]
Plants and marine life have been a dominant source of inspiration for Sou Leng Fong who often uses clay as her medium of expression. Her dynamic, irregular lines and shapes mimic the natural contours of organisms, as is evident in her work “Blooming” that hangs from the ceiling like a chandelier.

CHEONG HOI I [Pleased as Fruit Punch]

Creation Concept of [Pleased as Fruit Punch]
The larger-than-life installation, “Pleased as Fruit Punch” by Cheong Hoi I, welcomes you into a colorful world in the form of an arched bridge. Huge iridescent strips unfurl like flower petals, these reflective surfaces create a kaleidoscopic effect with shifting colors and patterns.