Teppan Live Dalian Abalone

As much a theatrical performance as a culinary experience, teppanyaki is the dramatic Japanese cooking method which sees highly skilled chefs chop and dice high quality fresh ingredients in front of hungry diners, before masterfully cooking the food on top of a searing hot griddle. Literally meaning "grilling on an iron plate", teppanyaki cooking is typically used for meats such as steak and seafood, as well as yakisoba (fried noodles) and rice.

Teppan Live Dalian Abalone

At Yoshimori Teppanyaki, a teppanyaki meal is a visual feast. "Teppanyaki chefs must train very hard to reach the high standards required," explains master teppan chef Jeffrey. "Not only must the chef be able to prepare, cook and present the food to perfection, but he or she must be able to perform as well!"   

Teppan Live Dalian Abalone

The quality of ingredients is crucial in the preparation of teppanyaki since everything is on display. The restaurant's signature dish "Teppan Live Dalian Abalone" uses abalone from Dalian in China, a northeastern city renowned for the superiority of its seafood, thanks to the cold clear waters of the Yellow Sea and the inland Bohai Sea which surround it. Live abalone is flown in directly from Dalian to Yoshimori Teppanyaki every week. "Abalone is a perfect ingredient for teppanyaki," says chef  Jeffrey. "Seared on the grill, it cooks in its own juices and has a natural buttery, salty taste that is incredible."   Experience the performance artistry of teppanyaki at Yoshimori Teppanyaki by booking your table TODAY.

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Seared on the grill, it cooks in its own juices and has a natural buttery, salty taste that is incredible.

Yoshimori Teppanyaki

Japanese Teppanyaki

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