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Galaxy Macau, the ideal destination you’re looking for
I like traveling, and I like going to different cities and experiencing different cultures. Although I have been to Hong Kong many times, this is my first time in Macau. In the morning, as the sun began to rise, I arrived in this incredible city. When I came out of the airport, I boarded a convenient shuttle bus to Galaxy Macau, the whole trip was only about 15 minutes. When I arrived, there were lots of people, yet the hotel staff were so organized and very polite to every guest. I’d give them a score of 99 out of 100… of course I would hold back from giving a perfect score just so it doesn’t go to their heads.

The moment I entered the hotel, I was struck by the magnificent lobby. There's beautiful music and dreamy lighting, a giant diamond rises in the center. I felt as though I had walked into a fairytale palace. And the Galaxy Diamond Show was the best welcome I could imagine!

After checking in to my room, I dropped off my luggage, and walked to the French windows to look down to see the whole of Galaxy Macau. Words like “splendid” and “magnificent” cannot do justice to how truly amazing it is, this is the ideal holiday destination!

Right after dropping off the luggage, my friend dragged me out for a walk to explore the resort. The moment I entered Galaxy Promenade I felt like I had found what I had been looking for. It has got to be the most fashionable shopping destination in Macau, so stylish, modern and at the same time welcoming and comfortable. The shopper in me was triggered into action immediately.

As someone who is very into fashion, I am very discerning when it comes to shopping, I am up with all the latest trends and this place did not disappoint. The moment we saw Cha Bei, we both just automatically ran into the store without saying a word. Being in Cha Bei is like being immersed in an otherworldly pink dream, spending time there whisked me back to my teenage self. Leaving Galaxy Promenade, me and my bestie had a fair amount of "trophies" in tow. If I had to pick a favorite it would be the classic Bvlgari collection (which I hear in Macau is exclusively at Galaxy Promenade) for its understated elegance.

After a short rest in my room, my belly reminded me it was time to explore the local cuisine! Broadway Food Street is only a couple of minutes’ walk away from Galaxy Macau and that was our first stop. As soon as you step onto Broadway Food Street, you are instantly dazzled by the sights and smells of the vast array of restaurants and food stalls.

Every restaurant has its own style, from café, regional Chinese, Portuguese, and local Macanese to a whole host of global cuisines. Broadway Food Street is the place where all the world’s finest cuisine comes to you. For a diehard foodie like me, I found myself desperately trying to find more room in my belly to fit all of the delicious food.

Walking along Broadway Food Street, I stumbled across a great activity for kids, carnival games. Children can play with eletronic games, gold fish fishing, and tossing games, etc. I think if I had a son or a daughter, I would take them to play there while I ate my way along the street!

If I had to choose between day or night at Broadway Macau, I’d go with night. When the sun goes down, Broadway Macau transforms into another world. If you walk to the corner of the street, there is foot bridge which connects Galaxy Macau and Broadway Macau, illuminated with colorful neon lights, and at night it shines bright, like a beacon in the skyline.

The sign on the Broadway Food Street entrance mingles with the shining lights, like a symphony of color, drawing everyone’s attention. Here, in this beautiful passionate setting you can enjoy the most authentic Macau delicacies, the warmest personal service, and wonderful shows.!

A perfect day deserves a perfect ending, and I spent it at the renowned Banyan Tree Spa, to feel the ultimate physical and spiritual relaxation. There, I could let my worries drift away, and wound down into a deep serenity.

The world-famous award-winning Banyan Tree Spa provided all kinds of Spa services and carefully selected health care products derived from nature, just what I needed to soothe both body and soul. Banyan Tree for me is one of the reasons Galaxy Macau is such a special holiday destination.

At Galaxy Macau, however you choose to spend your time, you can’t go wrong. If you have the time, you should come here to experience its beauty, it’s the kind of beauty we are all searching for.


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