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A spa represents a relaxing and confident attitude to life, a delicate life philosophy. A spa can let you be reborn from purity, and reach a happy, relaxed peacefulness. It fosters a beautiful balance between your body, soul, and nature. I've always wanted to plan a trip simply to experience a spa, and finally I managed to find the time. When I arrived in Macau with my friends, during the daytime my only activities were shopping and spa, and at night I slept like a baby on my huge bed. When I returned from this trip I felt so refreshed. My friends and I tried various spas in Macau, so here is our list of the best ones, enjoy!

At Banyan Tree Spa, the only thing you feel is inner peace. No wonder people call this place a sanctuary for the senses. It is the premier luxury spa in Asia, with an elegant, fresh Asian environment. As you enter the reception there is a bamboo backdrop, then you pass the tranquil water fountain courtyard, which is a bamboo courtyard with a dormer roof. Being immersed in these beautiful surroundings you already begin to wind down into a relaxed state. The spa treatment itself is delivered by experienced therapist's incorporating ancient Asian massage techniques to transport you to a place of complete serenity. Banyan Tree Spa is definitely a worthwhile way to spend a day, I recommend you try the oriental spa treatment for an incredible experience of comfort.

ESPA Macau- the luxury spa that pleases your body and soul

Words cannot describe how nice it is. I simply couldn’t get enough of it. The surroundings radiated luxury. The reception hall at ESPA Macau is decorated with spar stone, the front desk is covered with coffee colored leather, and decorated with gold and coral cloth. Surrounding the front desk, there are eight mirrored columns, and a light cream marble floor. Inside the therapy rooms, there is an abundance of natural elements – dark wood, oak and onyx. With the combination of our most dedicated professional therapists, soft light, the scent of essential oils, soothing music, it’s so good you can’t help but be lost in the moment.

Foot Hub

I've tried foot massage many times, but Foot Hub at Galaxy Macau resort is the only one I can’t get out of my head. As you lay down on the comfy massage bed, every breath is filled with the luscious fragrance of essential oil, as the soft music soothes, and you feel the tender strength of the masseuse’s touch. It’s as if they have magic fingers, every touch goes deep as they skillfully work the acupoints, releasing stress from your whole body, allowing you to slowly reach heavenly inner peace and tranquility.

After reading about my Macau Spa journey I’m sure you’re itching to go and experience it for yourself. Go ahead, treat yourself, recharge your batteries, this is one truly worthwhile indulgence.


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