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The Dining Destination in Asia


Urban Kitchen

Urban Kitchen is a modern and lively all-day dining outlet, featuring a buffet composed of international and regional flavors. The restaurant is divided into six different food zones each with a designated chef, including Seafood Bar, Macau, Portugal & Tuscany, Cantonese, Beijing & Sichuan, Japan & Korea, Desserts & Soft-serve Ice-cream, and Live Action Juice. All of Urban Kitchen's main dishes are made-to-order. Upon receiving an order, the dishes are swiftly and freshly prepared in the kitchen and brought to the table in individually-served portions.

Restaurant Info
Opening Time:

18:00 - 21:30 (Closed on every Wednesday)


JW Marriott Hotel Macau, 1/F


Recommended dishes


Roasted Peking Duck

Our rosy red, crisp skinned roast duck served fresh out of the oven with our special recipe sauce is a divine treat not to be missed.

Fresh Seafood

Our simple yet sophisticated seafood cold platter boasts a cacophony of delicious seafood flavors. The sumptuous tastes of premium imported oysters and flavoursome Norweigan salmon are unrivalled in freshness.

Slow-cooked Premium Steak

Premium American beef is slow cooked to perfection so that the meat is succulent and tender, and every bite is full of flavor.