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Cafe Hanoi

Cafe Hanoi is a Northern Vietnamese-inspired restaurant specializing in Vietnamese pho, coffee and cocktails. You can enjoy Vietnamese pho based on traditional recipe with special touches that have made the dish wildly popular in North America. The flavorful soup is made with fresh ingredients, without the addition of MSG. 
For our coffee, we have selected Vietnamese Robusta coffee beans with a rich and nutty flavor. It is served in authentic Vietnamese style, with the coffee dripping through a phin filter. For a relaxing night out, try our cocktails made with fresh fruits, herbs and unique Vietnamese flavorings. These delicious concoctions are sure to amplify your sensory experience at Cafe Hanoi.

Restaurant Info
Opening Time:

11:30 - 21:00(**Operation hours are subject to change without prior notice)


Broadway Food Street, E-G031-G032