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Cabana at Banyan Tree

The poolside Cabana extends the carefree and relaxed atmosphere of the resort. Guests can enjoy a variety of exquisite treats, refreshing drinks, or even dine by the pool or sun deck area. Here, whether it's under the sun or the starlit night sky, the atmosphere is exceptionally romantic. Enjoy relaxing moments on your own or shared with loved ones. Here, guests can hold cocktail parties, barbeques, and even wedding banquets. This truly is a place to create sweet lasting memories.

Restaurant Info
Opening Time:

11:00 - 18:00


Banyan Tree Macau, 2/F


Recommended dishes

Gini (Cocktail)

The subtle aroma of cranberry juice and juniper berry caress your nose, and the sweet and sour flavors awaken your taste buds as you savour this intoxicating pink beverage.


Special Offers

Banyan Tree Macau Hot Pot at Cabana

Hot Pot at Cabana --- 20% Savings

Enjoy the tranquil view of the pool and premium seafood hot pot at our private cabana for a unique dining experience.

9 to 31 October, 2020
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Lobster Hot Pot at Cabana

Enjoy summer night together with family and friends with flavourful hot pot at your private cabana!

Available Year Round
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