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  • Order request must be submitted 3 days in advance, to be confirmed by CHA BEI team.
  • The cake can be delivered within Galaxy Macau and 10% service charge is subjected.
  • Cakaway service – the cake can be delivered to the locations in Macau, with service charge of MOP50.
Cake Menu
Berry Cheesecake  - (for 3-6) – MOP288
A luscious treat with creamy cheesecake layered on a buttery shortcrust base. The mildly tangy strawberry gel and fresh berries perfectly complement the rich filling.
Berry Cheesecake 250x250
Apple Tarte Tatin - (for 3-6) – MOP288
A creative spin on the classic French apple tart with layers of melt-in-your-mouth vanilla namelaka, yuzu crémeux and hazelnut joconde coming together in perfect harmony. Yuzu is added to the apple and caramel topping to infuse the cake with a cheery citrus tang. 
Apple Tarte Tatin 250x250
Black Forest - (for 3-6) – MOP288
A classic dessert reimagined. The bright and tangy cherry coulis perfectly balances the indulgently velvety chocolate almond mousse and rich almond cake, pain de gênes. Sprinkled with hazelnut crisps, this cake offers a harmonious blend of smooth, creamy and crunchy textures. 
Black Forest 250x250
Saint Honoré - (for 3-6) – MOP288 
Featuring flaky layers of puff pastry, underneath a crown of delectable choux filled with vanilla pastry cream and glazed with caramel. Every layer of this legendary French pastry is expertly baked to crispy perfection, providing a heavenly contrast to the velvety filling. 
Saint Honore 250x250
Mont Blanc - (for 3-6) – MOP288
A sumptuous blend of chestnut mousse, fluffy chestnut chantilly cream and feather-light chestnut sponge cake, infused with sweet pear for a refreshing note that contrasts the warm, nutty flavor of the chestnut.  
Mont Blanc 250x250
Strawberry Chiffon - (for 6-8) – MOP338
Heavenly light, soft and fluffy, our signature chiffon cake combines layers of strawberry Chantilly cream and strawberry compote to offer a decadent treat.
Strawberry Chiffon 250x250
Earl Grey Chiffon - (for 6-8) – MOP338
The delicate flavor of Earl Grey comes through the layers of fluffy chiffon, smooth custard and 70% dark chocolate ganache, with an orange compote evoking the tea’s signature citrus aroma.
Earl Grey Chiffon 250x250
Black Sesame - (for 6-8) – MOP338
A celebration of Japanese flavors. Uji green tea chiffon is layered with light black sesame Chantilly cream. The rich aroma of tea and sesame is balanced by the refreshing sharpness of yuzu compote.
Black Sesame Chiffon 250x250
Lemon Dragon - (for 6-8) - MOP438
Vanilla sponge is layered with refreshing red dragon fruit jelly and deliciously light and fluffy lemon cream. CHA BEI’s handcrafted bean paste blossoms make this elegant cake a real showstopper.
Red Dragon Fruit & Mango Cream 250x250
Minty Chocolate - (for 6-8) - MOP438
Valrhona chocolate cake with indulgent layers of chocolate ganache is coated with mint chocolate butter cream. This cake is topped with blossoms crafted by hand with the signature flair of CHA BEI.
Mint Chocolate 250x250