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Awe-inspiring Lantern Art

The symbol of enlightenment and inspiration takes on spectacular forms through the artworks of four acclaimed designers from Singapore, Mainland China and Macau. At the lantern art installation in the Diamond Lobby, you can see how the creative animations of these designers have transformed the traditional candle lit paper craft into a tapestry of visual stimulation on LED screens. 

September 8 - October 31, 2023

About the Designers

Yah-Leng Yu (Singapore)

Yah-Leng Yu is the founder and creative director of “Foreign Policy” studio, Chairperson of the Design Association Singapore, former member of the Advisory Committee of the Temasek Design School in Singapore, a member of AGI (Alliance Graphique Internationale), and the co-founder of Gallery&Co, the official museum store of the National Gallery Singapore. She is frequently invited to speak at various international festivals, conferences, and institutions, and serves as a judge for design competitions. Yu was recognized as an innovator and industry leader in Singapore's edition of "The 300 List" in 2017 and 2018. Her work has been recognized by D&AD, TDC, Tokyo TDC, ADC, AIGA, and various design platforms and publications.

Yu Ziji (Mainland China)

Yu Ziji is Art Director of Y.STUDIO, Director of the Shenzhen Graphic Designers Association (SGDA), an adjunct associate professor at Guangdong universities, and the team leader and creative director for the Image Group at the GDC Awards 2023. The studio's works have won numerous awards in international design competitions, totaling over 100 accolades. These include the D&AD Design Awards (2 Wood Pencils), the One Show International Awards, Hong Kong Global Design Awards (Gold, Silver), Asia's Most Influential Design Awards (Silver, Bronze), the Macao Design Biennial (Gold, Silver), the Jin Taiqiang Global Chinese Design Competition (Future Design Master Award, Gold, Silver, Bronze), and the German iF Design Award (2 Gold Awards).

Lam Ieong Kun (Macau, China)

Lam Ieong Kun is a graphic designer and an illustrator as well as the co-founder of Indego Design and the independent publishing brand "Naughty Roll." Kun specializes in illustration, event visual identity, brand identity design, and is involved in various art collaborations. His work transforms various whimsical ideas from life into absurd and humorous illustrations, exuding a unique charm of humor and satire. He has won numerous awards both domestically and internationally, including the International Young Designers Award Young Guns 19, the D&AD Awards Yellow Pencil, the American ADC Gold Cube, and the Macao Contemporary Illustration Awards Grand Prize.

Dan Ferreira (Macau, China)

Dan Ferreira is a graphic designer and an independent publisher. He is also the co-founder of Indego Design and the independent publishing brand "Naughty Roll." He incorporates various life experiences into his designs, creating a unique personal style. He specializes in visual identity, packaging, and typography design, with works that encompass different popular art and music cultures. He has been recognized by awards such as the New York ADC Award, the D&AD Awards, and the Tokyo Type Directors Club (TOKYOTDC).