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Putien at Galaxy Macau Marks Anniversary with Culinary Extravagant Showcase Featuring Authentic Fujian Delicacies by Six-hands Awarded Chefs

Hong Kong style western cuisine, enchanting Sakura afternoon tea and the time travel journey of Macallan's 200 years significant milestone

(SAR Macau, April 16 2024) - Putien, the Michelin-starred Singaporean restaurant that has taken over Macau by its true Fujian flavor, is marking its first anniversary at Galaxy Macau™ with unprecedented taste extravaganza! Three starred chefs from Putien's Singapore, Hong Kong, and Macau outlets have teamed up to create a mouth-watering menu of exquisite Fujian dishes that are a must-try for food lovers. Expect flavors that are rich, unique, and straight out of Southeast Asia—a celebration of Putien's commitment to seafood-driven cuisine.

And that's not all! Café de Paris Monte-Carlo is serving up a retro-chic Hong Kong-style western cuisine that'll take you back in time. CHA BEI is offering a Sakura themed afternoon tea that's pure Instagram-worthy eye candy. Kyo Watami is dishing out fresh lunch sets, and The Macallan Whisky Bar & Lounge is hosting a one-night-only collaboration with guest bartenders, plus a "TIME TRAVEL" exhibition that salutes The Macallan's 200-year legacy. Galaxy Macau is pulling out all the stops to welcome summer with these incredible dining experiences and events. Head over to Galaxy Macau for the unforgettable culinary adventures!

Putien, a restaurant brand that has captured the hearts and palates of Singaporeans for years, has maintained its coveted Michelin one-star for a remarkable seven years in a row. Known for its masterful renditions of overseas Fujian cuisine, Putien's menus reflect the unique blend of rich cultural exchanges between Fujian people and their overseas compatriots. 

As Master Chef of Putien on Kitchener Road, Li Wen Wu has led his team to attain the coveted Michelin Star 7 years in a row; while Chen Guang Lin, now Regional Coach of Putien Hong Kong, is the chef that led the Singapore team towards its first Michelin Star. Putien at Galaxy Macau, led by Chef Ng Man Kin, upholds a culinary philosophy that seamlessly blends tradition with innovation. While faithfully preserving the traditional dishes of Fujian cuisine and adhering to traditional techniques in preparing signature seafood, the restaurant also boldly introduces Southeast Asian flavors to create exclusive, Macau-limited dishes. This fusion of flavors offers guests an endless surprise and leaves them with a lingering taste that is truly memorable.

To present the essence of Fujian cuisine in its glory, the three chefs have procured some of the finest seafood and premium delicacies. With a combination of inventive flavor pairings and traditional culinary techniques, they will delight your palate with amazing sensations. The two banquet dishes Poached Sea Clams in Chicken Soup and Braised 5-head Abalone with Pork Rib both feature seafood prepared tableside, taking luxurious dining to new heights. It also presents diners with the rare opportunity to savor pork rib as its preparation demands much time, skill and attention. The perfect marriage of big-flavored sauces and seafood is another hallmark of Fujian cuisine, and Deep-fried Sea Cucumber stuffed with Fujian Pork Roll and Braised Boston Lobster Noodle with Sha Cha Sauce are fantastic examples. Also, on the menu is the nourishing Braised Duck with Ginger which has been stewed on low heat with ginger and Macau beer for 3 hours to create a tender, succulent dish packed with health benefits. Don’t miss this precious opportunity to sample Fujian cuisine at its finest, crafted by Putien’s three master chefs! Only available 20 April – 10 May. 8 courses menu price at MOP880 per person (min. 2 persons). Make your reservation at +853 8883 2221.

Enjoy Hong Kong Style Western Cuisine at Café de Paris Monte-Carlo

From now until 30 June, Café de Paris Monte-Carlo is transforming into a hot spot where Chinese and Western flavors collide! Step inside for a trip back to Hong Kong's golden era of tearooms and western restaurants. Expect a blast of nostalgia with every bite of western cuisine you take, all while soaking up the retro atmosphere. It's the perfect blend of old-school charm and modern delights.

In Macau, a taste of neighboring Hong Kong's culinary essence is a must, and Hong Kong-style Western cuisine is a key component of that experience. Dubbed "Soy Sauce Western Cuisine," it's a western recipe modified to create a unique dining experience for the local’s palate, resulting in a vibrant showcase of Hong Kong's unique culinary heritage. The special menu for this promotion is a compilation of authentic Hong Kong flavors. 

Start your meal with the indulgent Comprador Soup, a sumptuous blend of creamy soup and shark’s fin, shredded abalone and ham – a true fusion of Chinese and western flavors. Next, dive into the comforting dishes, such as baked pork chop rice topped with gruyère cheese, and the fragrant stir-fried beef rice noodles elevated with the use of wagyu beef and our secret sweet soy sauce, a delightful twist on the classic Hong Kong favorite. 

Quench your thirst with an ice-cream float, a beloved cha chaan teng drink that blends ice cream with soda to create a refreshing sweet and fizzy mix. Remember to save room for the must-order, Baked Alaska, an old-fashioned sweet treat consists of a layer of sponge cake, a frozen ice cream center, and a coating of toasted meringue, always a crowd pleaser. Call +853 8883 2221 now to reserve your spot and immerse yourself in a delicious fusion of Hong Kong and Macau flavors.

CHA BEI Afternoon Tea Under the Sakura Tree 

In the height of Sakura madness, CHA BEI is dishing out a seasonal afternoon tea that's a floral explosion of salty and sweet delicacies. Think of it as a floral fantasy that will have you savoring the freshness and sweetness of the season's best ingredients. Gather around CHA BEI’s enchanting Sakura tree, and feast your eyes and palate on a colorful medley of handcrafted delights! Leading the creation is the lady grey entremets, a gift that'll make you feel like a ballerina gracefully dancing under a Sakura canopy. And don't forget the Sakura swiss roll and panna cotta with osmanthus—they're so floral and delicate, they'll have you swooning like a true girl in love. Pair these treats with some of the tea master's floral teas and single origin coffee from Brazil, and you've got an afternoon tea complete experience with tantalizing aromas. Price at MOP628 for two (plus a 10% service charge), this afternoon tea is available from 2:30pm to 5:30pm. It's the perfect way to embrace the spirit of spring, on your taste buds. Call +853 8883 2221 and make a reserve. 

TIME TRAVEL The Macallan 200 Years Young Exhibition 

The "TIME TRAVEL" Macallan 200 Years Young Exhibition will kick off at The Macallan Whisky Bar & Lounge in Galaxy Macau from 26 April to 9 June. Marking this significant milestone, the exhibition will showcase a range of Macallan Fine & Rare collections, including The Macallan 1937, 1949, 1952, 1968, 1971, and 1988. 

During the promotional period, guests can sample the "TIME TRAVEL" themed cocktails series within the bar. Classics as Rob Roy evoke a sense of sophistication, craftsmanship and the rich heritage of Scotland just like The Macallan’s commitment to quality and exceptional whisky making, while Old Fashion embodies the present, mirroring the simplicity, elegance and timelessness qualities of The Macallan. Looking ahead, the innovative cocktail, a creation of The Macallan Whisky Bar & Lounge, heralds the future, symbolizing elegance, refinement and innovation paying homage to classic flavours while embracing new contemporary twists. Using different Macallan whiskies as their base, each cocktail is distinctive, blending traditional Scottish flavors with elegant and sophisticated liquor styles, offering a rich historical taste that satisfies even the most discerning palates.

The exhibition promises to immerse each participant in the exquisite craftsmanship of Macallan, tracing its past and envisioning its future. For those eager to uncover the true essence of Macallan's collections, this precious journey through time is not to be missed. Reserve immediately by calling +853 8883 2136 and embark on this captivating 200-year journey through the stories of Macallan's precious libations.

The Macallan Whisky Bar & Lounge proudly hosts top bartenders from across the globe for exciting collaborations regularly and on 19 April, for the first time ever, Jade Lau, the Pernod Ricard Specialty Brands Brand Ambassador in Hong Kong and Macau, Head Bartender for one of the Asia’s Best 50 Bars, also named 2020 Time Out Bar Award Rising Star, teams up with Michael Baiguen, the Head Mixologist of The Macallan Whisky Bar & Lounge, to deliver a mind-blowing four-hands cocktail extravaganza. On this extraordinary night and this night only, you may witness the magic as Jade and Michael combine their genius, unveiling five unique cocktails concocted from the likes of Monkey 47 Gin, Absolut Elyx Vodka, and The Glenlivet Single Malt Whisky. Get ready for an evening that promises to dazzle your senses and elevate your cocktail experience to new heights! Call +853 8883 2136 now to get your spot reserved!

Kyo Watami Unveils Several Lunch Sets from Monday to Friday

Kyo Watami, a restaurant deeply versed in the essence of Japanese "izakaya" dining, will introduce fresh lunch specials for the new season. The "Daily Special" lunch sets offer a variety of dishes that bring warmth and great taste to each day, ensuring a week of unwavering satisfaction. Enjoy the Beef with Hot Spring Egg Rice Bowl Set, a symphony of flavors in your mouth as fresh wagyu beef pairs with Japanese eggs, leaving you thoroughly delighted. Indulge in a range of options including the Tokachi-Style Pork with Scrambled Egg Sauce Rice Set, Chicken with Kimchi Rice Bowl Set, Fish Fillet with Curry Rice Bowl Set and Deep-fried Chicken with Tartar Sauce Rice Set, comprehensively catering to your everyday need.

The "Special Set" lunch options are also extensive, with several choices to select from. Among them, the "Eel & Japanese Wagyu Rice Box Set" and "Kyushu Wagyu Sanuki Udon Set" stand out, featuring A5 Wagyu beef, truly befitting the label of "luxury."  There’s also udon and soba set on the menu. All lunch set serving up from MOP 118, don't miss out on this diverse lunch promotion if you're eager to experience the flavors of Japanese set meals. To make a reservation, call +853 8883 2221.


To celebrate the 1st  anniversary of Putien at Galaxy Macau, it has invited star chefs from Putien Singapore, Hong Kong, and Macau to collaborate on a brand-new menu for the first time ever.
Café de Paris Monte-Carlo presents its Hong Kong-style Western cuisine series_R.jpg
Café de Paris Monte-Carlo presents its Hong Kong-style Western cuisine series, offering a delicious moment where the rich flavors of Hong Kong and Macau seamlessly merge.
CHA BEI - Afternoon Tea under Sakura Tree (7)_R.jpg
In the time for cherry blossoms blooms, CHA BEI has created a seasonal treat, offering special afternoon tea set centered around the theme of flowers. Indulge in a delightful array of savory and sweet pastries inspired by the Sakura, served on a Sakuratree-shaped stand.
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TIME TRAVEL The Macallan 200 Years Young Exhibition will kick off at the Macallan Whisky Bar in Macau Galaxy from 26 April to 9 June, showcasing a range of rare vintage series.
Macallan_Guest Mixologist Jade Lau_R.jpg
Jade Lau, the Pernod Ricard Specialty Brands Brand Ambassador in Hong Kong and Macau will team up with Michael Baiguen, the head mixologist of The Macallan Whisky Bar & Lounge on 19 April to deliver a mind-blowing four-hands cocktail extravaganza.
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Kyo Watami is offering dozens of freshly prepared lunch set meals, with new options available from Monday to Friday.


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