Galaxy Hotel – Our Green Journey
Galaxy Hotel – Our Green Journey

Our Green Journey

About Green Key

We faithfully adhere to the criteria of Green Key award, a leading standard of excellence in the field of environmental responsibility and a prestigious eco-label representing compliance with the strict criteria as stipulated by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE), to create for our guests a different experience on the environmental and sustainability level.

Hotel Sustainability

As one of the world’s leading luxury resort destinations, we are committed to protecting our community and the environment. Environmental sustainability is the motif we have proactively integrated into our business strategy to support us in establishing a series of specialized tools and management systems that can help to achieve our goals:

  • to reduce our environmental impact,

  • to build a safer and healthier environment for the future,

  • to reduce our energy, water and material consumption.

In order to achieve these goals, all our rooms are equipped with highly efficient conveniences like central air-conditioning system, energy-saving lighting and electricity system, and water-saving sanitary apparatus.

Our management system has fulfilled the requirements of ISO 50001 Energy Management System and ISO 14001 Environmental Management System. We participate in the Light Out activity on the first Tuesday of every month. During the hour from 20:30 to 21:30, external lighting of our properties will be reconfigured and reduced as part of the Earth Hour initiative.

Energy and Water Saving Initiatives

Guest rooms will be operated in energy-saving mode during vacancy. Electricity devices that are not in use at the time will be turned off or switched to energy-saving mode automatically. For water conservation purpose, it is recommended to take showers instead of baths.

Changing Towels and Sheets

To curtail the environmental footprint on laundry, bed linen and towels are encouraged to be reused. They will be changed every other day or upon your request.

Non-smoking Area

Except designated smoking locations or guest room floors, smoking indoors is prohibited by the laws and regulations of Macao SAR. It is highly recommended to avoid smoking in guest rooms to protect your health against all the risks arising from it.

Hotel Room Temperature

It is suggested to keep the room temperature not lower than 22.5°C to uphold the desired energy-efficiency.

Nature and Outdoor Activities

The world's largest skytop water park Grand Resort Deck offers a true resort experience and features an Asian-themed garden for you to enjoy the beauty of nature. If you are into outdoor activities, the Lotus Cycling Track and the Leisure Area of Waterfront in Taipa are top places to visit. You are welcome to approach our Front Desk staff for more details and ideas.