Eggspression – An Immersive Art Experience

Egg, the humble symbol of life, new beginnings, wellness, love, wisdom, and boundless energy takes center stage in a captivating exhibition titled “Eggspression - An Immersive Art Experience” organized by Galaxy Entertainment Group. Spanning across the Galaxy Promenade, Galaxy Macau™, this exhibition invites you to crack open the hidden marvels of life, the power of art, the magic of love, and the wonders of sustainability in this whimsical, thought-provoking journey and contemplate the profound connection between art, life, and our world.


In this exhibition, we are thrilled to present Dutch public installation artist Henk Hofstra and his mesmerizing installations, "Eggs Fall from the Sky".  This Macau debut is also the first time these installations are presented indoors. The creative and large-scale egg art installations not only capture attention, but also aim to raise awareness about global warming. These installations captivate visitors through its creative shapes of frying egg whites strategically placed throughout Galaxy Promenade and GalaxyArt. Symbolizing the inception of love and life, the “Kissing Eggs” installation which resembles the profile of a couple, stands out as a memorable piece. Additionally, Henk has created the “Loving Birds” especially for this exhibition in the Galaxy Promenade. Adorned with flower petals, clouds and trees, these works embody the essence of life, love, wholesomeness, and energy. 


The second part of this exhibition is the whimsical and Instagram-worthy "The Egg House" at GalaxyArt. Led by its founder Biubiu Xu, The Egg House is an art installation launched with a group of artists and designers based in New York City. It combines immersive environment, interactive exhibits, and playful aesthetics to create a unique and engaging experience for visitors. Within its walls, a harmonious blend of interactive egg-themed features awaits, ingeniously integrated into different areas of a house - from the living room and bedroom to the kitchen and bathroom. 


Through the Eggspression exhibition, our intention is to inspire visitors to contemplate the profound significance of eggs as symbols of positive living. Join us in celebrating the remarkable qualities of eggs, while reflecting on the power of art, the magic of love, the wonders of sustainability, and their impact on both our human connections and the planet. Embark on this captivating egg journey, let Eggspression be your guide as you embrace the art of expressing yourself through eggs at Galaxy Macau.


Your “Eggspression” journey at Galaxy Macau extends beyond the exhibition space with a special menu helmed by the talented chefs at 8 restaurants. Embracing a holistic approach to wellness, the egg-inspired dishes explore the profound connection between food and our health Order any of designated “Eggspression” dishes with entry ticket and enjoy 20% off at participating restaurant! Take and share photos to win limited edition souvenir prizes and dining vouchers for free!


Eggspression – An Immersive Art Experience 


Period: June 28 - October 7, 2024 (Free admission)
Location: GalaxyArt at Galaxy Promenade, Galaxy Macau
Workshop enrollment*:
*The final quota will be allocated by drawing lots and confirmed via SMS.

Artist Introduction


Henk Hofstra, a celebrated Dutch artist, is known for transforming everyday objects into captivating large-scale public art installations. His creative themes span a wide range, from animals and plants to landscapes. Hofstra's major projects, including "The Blue Road," "Invasion of Ants," and "Eggs Fall from the Sky" have left an indelible mark not only in his native Amsterdam but also across the globe, from Rotterdam to St. Petersburg, New York City to Sao Paulo, Bilbao to Lisbon, and Beijing, Wuhan to Macau. "Invasion of Ants" earned him the prestigious Sign+ Award in 2010, have gained global recognition. He has been commissioned by various organizations to create impactful public artworks that encourage people to think about important issues, inviting audiences to see the world differently and leaving a lasting impact.


The Egg House

The Egg House is a captivating multi-sensory experience created by Biubiu Xu, Founder of Sense Creation Inc. who leads a young creative group of innovators, designers, and artists based in New York City. Vivian Cai, an iF Design Award winner and serves as the key creative curator, representing Biubiu Xu and bringing The Egg House to Macau this year.


The Egg House made its remarkable debut in April 2018 as the first egg-themed pop-up space in New York, with subsequent openings in Shanghai and Los Angeles in 2019, and attracting over 200,000 visitors, captivating audiences of all ages, including celebrities and social media influencers.



Art inspires art. Your “Eggspression” journey at Galax Macau™ extends beyond the exhibition space with a special menu helmed by the talented chefs at 8 restaurants. Embracing a holistic approach to wellness, the egg-inspired dishes explore the profound connection between food and our health, while cracking open the delectable potential of the ubiquitous and humble egg.

Period: June 28 to October 7, 2024