Sirloin & Rib eye Dried Aged US Beef

Once tasted, never forgotten, it has been said that dry-aged beef smells like buttered popcorn and tastes like roast beef. The careful process of dry-aging to create truly mouth-watering steaks can take anything from days to weeks, and at The Apron, it is done entirely in-house.

To create the perfect dry-aged steak, Chef at The Apron sources premium-quality beef from the farms around the world which are committed to the very best quality and care of their farm-to-table operations. Sustainable and all-natural, these include the restaurant's best-selling Brandt beef from Brawley, California, where the cattle are fed a pure alfalfa and corn diet, Coastal Rye Grass-Fed Angus from the lush temperate climes of Wakanui, New Zealand, and award-winning Kobe Wagyu from Darling Downs in Australia.


The Apron's premium beef is hung and allowed to rest in a carefully controlled environment. "Over time, the enzymes in the meat break down the protein, making the meat meltingly tender with a unique complexity of sweet, savory and umami flavors," explains Chef. Dry-aging beef also causes it to lose some of its moisture, making the flavors more concentrated - dry-aged meat is still juicy but the juices are even more delicious than usual.

"Dry-aged beef is a unique culinary experience," the Chef elaborates. "We grill each steak over a high heat which quickly seals in the rich juices." Served with fine wine from the restaurant's carefully curated wine list, a dry-aged steak at The Apron is a gastronomic journey full of rich, authentic flavors not to be missed! Make your reservation online TODAY!


"Dry-aged beef is a unique culinary experience, we grill each steak over a high heat which quickly seals in the rich juices."
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