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New Menu of Innovative Thai Flavors

31/F, Banyan Tree Macau

The “Michelin Selected Restaurant” Saffron is ready to delight your taste buds with our new menus, showcasing the creativity and skills of Chef Jan Ruangnukulkit and her team of Thai chefs. 

The tasting menu begins with a refreshing appetizer—live Gillardeau oyster from France highly sought-after for its delicate flavor. Chef Jan adds a touch of flair by topping it with premium caviar and a spicy Thai dressing. Massaman Curry—“The King of Curries” that tops the list of The World’s 50 Best Foods—is cooked with spices such as cardamom cloves and cinnamon to infuse the curry with delightful aroma. Additionally, the use of slow-cooked Wagyu beef cheek adds a richness texture and imparts an intensely taste to the dish.

On the sumptuous a la carte menu is the precious Glacier 51 Toothfish. The “white gold” of the Antarctic lands is elevated with a flavorful sauce made with seasonal fruits and lemongrass. 

For an authentic taste of Thai snacks, Miang Scallop on the a la carte menu and bar snack menu is a must-order. Chef Jan wrapping scallop, gooseberries and Thai herbs with fresh betel leaf; and it makes a perfect match with our special cocktails, experience of the refreshing flavors, textures and aromas. 

As a fine dining Thai restaurant, the new menus of Saffron are modern take on well-known favorites from across Thailand. Reserve your table now! 

Location: 31/F, Banyan Tree Macau
Reservations: : +853 8883 6061