Max Mara
Max Mara Exclusive Pop Up Store at Galaxy Macau
Max Mara
Max Mara Pop Up Store at Galaxy Macau

Italian fashion house Max Mara pays homage to the well-known Swiss geometric abstract artist Sophie Taeuber-Arp. Sophie invested everyday objects with a sense of magic and mystery. Good at using geometric shapes in her art works, she is one the key figures in the Dadaist movement. Max Mara Fall/Winter 2022 Collection takes inspirations from the marionettes Sophie designed for the 18th Century play “King Stag” and her hometown the Alips. Max Mara sets up a pop-up store that resembles a ski resort in Dada style at Galaxy Macau from 17 September to March 2023.

The beloved teddy bears are back! This time, the teddy bears are dressed up in ski suits to meet everyone. Some bears are lined up in a row and run excitedly in the snow, while others sit on ski lifts to pose for photos with everyone. Camel tones, the iconic colour of Max Mara, dominates the shop with striking geometric prints on the floor. Clips of the Max Mara Fall/Winter 2022 Milan Fashion Show are played on the wall, making you feel the kinetic spirit of winter the moment you step inside.

Max Mara's latest Fall/Winter 2022 Collection is brightly colored, portraying a youthful, fashionable style and an avant-garde attitude. The contrasting profiles of the upper and lower outfits is a loud expression of Dadaism seeking to depart from tradition and create a new art. Graceful and elegant hemline dresses and skirts, tight high-collar sweaters, high-waisted trousers and knitted jumpers elevate the look with an added sense of style. The knitted sweaters are decorated with large and small geometric patterns inspired by Sophie's handmade abstract carpets, bringing a touch of fairytale charm to the look. 

To emphasize the theme, Max Mara brings on oversized puffas that can be layered over the brand's Icon Teddy Bear Coat for maximum effect. The Teddy fabric ubiquitous in the collection has a fluffy texture that adds a soft and cuddly touch to the stylings which girls fascinate. Double zip coats and drawstring dresses inspired by high performance ski gear create a winter sports style. The new collection endows contemporary women with confident and dazzling charm combining strength and gentleness.

Of course, Max Mara’s timeless icon coats can’t be absent, including the 101801 Icon Coat, Ludmilla Icon Coat, as well as the Teddy Bear Icon Coat which swept the world, which are all exquisitely crafted and functional with simple and long-lasting designs.

Come now to visit the Max Mara Pop Up Store in Galaxy Macau to experience the winter fairy tale world and take photos with the teddy bears!

Promotion Period: September 17, 2022 to March, 2023
Location: K003A, G/F, The Promenade Shops