BE@RBRICK MACAU 2020 at Galaxy Macau

Be the first to explore the world’s exclusive BE@RBRICK MACAU 2020 pop-up at Galaxy Macau™!

Presented by the local fashion and lifestyle multi-brand store WF Fashion, thispop-up will be showcasing 8 limited edition BE@RBRICK co-branded originals.

Following the resounding success of BE@RBRICK MACAU 2019 exhibition, MedicomToy and WF Fashion are joining forces once again to roll out 8 new BE@RBRICK co-branded designs this year, including: Faith Connexion, MM6 Maison Margiela, Moschino, Neil Barrett, Palm Angels, Philipp Plein, UM Junior and the second Macau exclusive edition from the widely popular WF Fashion x MY FIRST BE@RBRICK B@BY. A series of periphery merchandise will also be available only at BE@RBRICK MACAU 2020 pop-up in The Promenade Shops.

In addition to the exclusive pop-up, we’re also giving away BE@RBRICK MACAU 2020 Gift Certificate(s) valued at MOP200 upon spending HKD/MOP5,000 at selected brands# from August 13 to September 13, 2020. 

#CK Calvin Klein, Calvin Klein Jeans, Calvin Klein Underwear, Ed Hardy, Heron Preston, Hogan, Moschino, Neil Barrett, Palm Angels, Philipp Plein, UM Club, UM Junior, Under Armour, Zimmerli, WF Fashion, BE@RBRICK MACAU 2020 

Period: August 13, 2020 to September 13, 2020

Location: Jade Lobby, The Promenade Shops


  • FaithConnexion

    The philosophy behind the illusion was to convey the essence of Faith Connexion that is unrestrained, unconventional and strong connection with cultural movement - street art and music. The design has integrated the abstract expressionism, inspired by the most influential post war art movement. It is also an adherent of a real punk culture which was cultivated by the great duo - Malcolm McLaren, utilizing the artistic brush-stroke manner of Willem de Kooning and colors of dirty red, blue, black which represent the origin of the brand, that was rooted initially in Paris, France.

  • MM6 Maison Margiela

    MM6, Maison Margiela contemporary line, has reinterpret the famous BE@RBRICK with an unconventional approach. Inspired by Margiela’s oversized “souvenir” glittering snow globe, the BE@RBRICK figure is customized with MM6 distinctive transparent effect fabric and silver color. This limited edition including a MM6 zoomed artwork in the front middle is an unexpected collector piece for the fans of the brand.

  • Moschino

    Moschino’s signature Teddy Bear is transformed into a limited-edition BE@RBRICK for the very first time. As re-imagined by creative director Jeremy Scott, the Moschino BE@RBRICK Teddy wears the iconic “This Is Not a Moschino Toy” t-shirt as well as the playful graphic cartoon smile and will be available in limited quantities only as a collector’s item.

  • Neil Barrett 

    Simplicity in its purest form. The low-key flair of Neil Barrett designs has made this brand a staple in the personal wardrobes of many top celebrities. Always seeking to perfect the tailored cut and silhouette, Neil rarely mingles with toy designers. In 2019, his very first collaboration with BE@RBRICK stirred up a storm and was sold out in the blink of an eye. The exclusive collectible, much loved by Neil himself, was a matte black interpretation with white thunder pattern, distinctive of the Neil Barrett brand. This year, Neil reinterprets his resounding success with an all matte white BE@RBRICK striped in black thunder. Collect both to complete the set!

  • Palm Angels

    Fusing its classic logo and signature flame motif, Palm Angels applies its iconic touches with one of the most iconic collectibles of this generation, the BE@RBRICK. The Palm Angels BE@RBRICK will be exclusively available at the Galaxy Macau.

  • Philipp Plein

    Rock ‘n roll for life – that is the pursuit of Philipp Plein. Forward and hinting of decadence, the burning passion is decked out in a colorful rendition of Philip PleinBE@RBRICK co-brand original.   

  • UM Junior

    UM Junior BE@RBRICK offers an insight to the wits of a child through playful graffiti. With a bright impish yellow offset by cartoony impressions and a handful of colorful eggs in plain view, this original design fully expresses the unbridled imagination of every kid and creatively presents the universe through their eyes. Just as the UM Junior retail store of curated kids’ collections from world-renowned luxury brands, the UM Junior BE@RBRICK acts as an incubator for those young at heart to keep their dreams alive and live heartily as kids do. 

  • WF Fashion 

    WF Fashion continues to spearhead BE@RBRICK MACAU 2020 this year with the second exclusive Macau limited edition MY FIRST BE@RBRICK B@BY again imprinted with “Macau” in the bottom, in a show of commitment to the bond between BE@RBRICK and Macau.