▎Macao Design Week 2023 ▎

▎Macao Design Week 2023 ▎
Macao Design Week is a local grand festival for people to discover and enjoy creativity. Founded by the Macao Designers Association, this year marks the 9th edition. A series of activities will be conducted, aiming to build a bridge between design and the public, leading citizens to understand and discuss the sustainable development momentum that design brings to humanities, society, and the economy.

▎Keywords of the City
Design originates from life, and life shapes the appearance of our city. With the rapid development of the digital world, the emergence of search engines, social media tags, and AI prompts have become important tools for us to understand the world. For an individual, a brand, or even a city, keywords not only link identity and characteristics but also highlight their most dynamic parts. This year, Macao Design Week has chosen "Keywords of the City" as its theme, hoping to make "Design" a keyword for Macao, allowing the audience to rediscover this charming city from different design perspectives.

▎Macao Design Week 2023 Series of Events
Entering its 9th edition, Macao Design Week will take place from September 8 to 24 . The event will be promoted in collaboration with associations, commercial organizations, and institutions, exploring the most active creative designs of the moment. #MDW23 will showcase over 50 design units from Macao, Singapore, and Japan, with 80 outstanding works covering various fields such as graphic design, brand design, product design, spatial design, fashion design, and new media design, through #Exhibition, #Tour, #Talk, #Workshops, #LocalShop, and other sections.

This year, several event routes have been meticulously planned to cater to #DesignProfessionals, #DesignEnthusiasts, #LocalBusinesses, and other participants with diverse backgrounds and needs. As an international local event open to the public, Macao Design Week hopes everyone can experience how design not only changes our lives but also shapes our city through the keyword of design. Let's explore the value of creativity together at Macao Design Week 2023. Don't miss out if you're interestedek1an

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