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Tanabata Kaiseki

28/F, Hotel Okura Macau
July 1 to 31, 2024

The traditional festival Tanabata celebrates the reunion of the mythical lovers Orihime and Hikoboshi in the Milky Way. As the two stars light up the July night sky, Executive Chef Takeda Morihiro presents an array of seasonal ingredients in their prime including fresh abalone from Koshi, sweetfish from Lake Biwa and the summer delicacy, pike conger.

The sumptuous feast begins with the refreshingly sweet Koshi abalone, cooked to tender perfection and paired with snow crab and an array of summer vegetables. It is the perfect appetizer to prepare you for the delights ahead. The popular Japanese practice of eating pike conger in summer is being introduced in the form of a summer soup to help fortify your body against the hot weather. Available only in early summer, freshwater sweetfish from Lake Biwa is known for its delicate taste. Our chef uses the grill and a light touch of seasoning to unleash its sweet watermelon aroma. Another rare delicacy, softshell turtle from Oita, is the star ingredient of your chawanmushi, delivering health benefits in delicious, comforting mouthfuls. 

Fresh sashimi of the day, premium Saga wagyu sukini and more seasonal ingredients are on the menu. Reserve your table now. 

Price: $1,680 per person
Discount: Enjoy up to 20% discount with your ICBC Galaxy Macau Credit Card
Available Period: 5:30pm –10pm, closed every Monday
Location: 28/F, Hotel Okura Macau
Enquiries/Reservations: +853 8883 5127 /yamazato@hotelokuramacau.com

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