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Summer Aji, Fresh from Japan

Kyo Watami
2024.7.8 – 8.31

In Japan, summer is the time to enjoy fatty, silver-skinned Aji. Also known as Japanese horse mackerel, Aji is a favorite among sushi masters, sought-after for its deep flavor and firm flesh. Now you can enjoy this amazing fish in Macau, flown in directly from Japan!

To fully showcase its versatility, the chefs at Kyo Watami prepare this very special ingredient in various ways. Sushi, sashimi or grilled—come and enjoy this fatty fish at its tastiest this summer!

Japanese Aji Sashimi: MOP 328
Japanese Aji Sushi: MOP 328
Grilled Japanese Aji with Salt: MOP 328

All prices are in MOP and subject to a 10% service charge.