The Future Starts with Moncler

7 - Moncler Fragment Hiroshi Fujiwara makes its debut in Macau at The Promenade Shops.

As the cultural fomenter and a pop infiltrator, Hiroshi Fujiwara, has a personal way to subtly tweak items to give them a cult-status spin. He shifted the Moncler iconic duvet to his own parameters, filling with Fragment design’s Japanese touch and subcultural subtleness.

Moncler teamed up with 8 of the most innovative “geniuses” in fashion world to launch 8 captivating collections for Moncler Genius, under the byline “One House, Different Voices”. 8 different projects define the unity of Moncler Genius. Unity comes from focus, as interpretations of the Moncler ethos stem from the product.

Starting with Moncler Fragment Hiroshi Fujiwara, more of these masterpieces from the Moncler Genius collections will be lined up for you at Galaxy Macau. Stay tuned!

Moncler Moncler G077, The Promenade Shops
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