Moncler 8 – MONCLER PALM ANGELS Collection

Working around the clash of rarefied art gallery atmosphere and abrasive urban environment attitude, the designer of 8 – MONCLER PALM ANGELS, Francesco Ragazzi mixed the purity of Moncler with something darker, whilst keeping the function of the garments. The result is fearless urban silhouettes charged with a protest, almost punk spirit. Ragazzi took inspiration from the candy wrapper metallic shades, while punky & spiky studs are featured as decorations. He played with collages to create all over patterns splashed onto puffers and graffiti-sprayed Palm Angels on t-shirts and sleeveless duvets, playing with the idea of artistic, vandalistic appropriation. Come and visit Moncler at The Promenade Shops to own the collection!

Location: G077, The Promenade Shops

MonclerMoncler G077, The Promenade Shops
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