FESTIVE Collection – It features festive elements that take into the warm spirit of the holiday season. A modern wardrobe for every woman, with Sicily, Sensuality, and the Sartorial touch. 

CORREDO Collection – A reverence to Sicily, and to the precious Sicilian embroideries from ‘700 - ’800. This collection includes references borders of curtains, and the laces made by grandmothers, with a contemporary interpretation.

FLOWER MIX Collection – “Mixologia” – Related to the mix of different floral patterns. The vivid and blooming roses, peonies, poppies create an explosion of colors witch spread a sense of optimism.

DG KING’S Collection – Main character of this theme is the crown illustration representing the royalty on a mixture of technical materials with the bold festive red lining creating a warm tone.

EVENING Collection – This theme is designed to make special of the New Year and holiday festive period. Special fabrics, sequins for the revers, have been reinterpreted with a contemporary twist.

DG STREET Collection – The inspiration comes from graffiti of metropolitan cities and leads to an innovative printing, with 3D details resembling sealing wax.

Address: G089, The Promenade Shops

DOLCE & GABBANADOLCE & GABBANA G089, The Promenade Shops
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