Reinventing Yu Yi To Celebrate 10 Years of Blessings

Founder and Creative Director of Qeelin, Dennis Chan, muses on the evocative history of the Yu Yi lock. “Yu Yi is derived from the Chinese saying ‘萬事如意’ which translates as ‘may all your wishes come true’. So when you give someone a Yu Yi lock, it’s more than a gift, it’s a blessing. The Yu Yi lock protects your health and love while it helps fulfil dreams for the future.”

This new Yu Yi collection is indeed worth waiting for. Only the best Grade A Jadeite from Myanmar is used. It’s 100% natural which means no artificial treatment or dyes are used. Each piece has its own unique colour and pattern. Set with glittering diamonds, these 18K gold necklaces, bracelets and pendants are simply stunning. Every detail of Qeelin’s design is rooted in Chinese mysticism yet visualized in a fresh modern way. Just like the design of its intricate gold chain which is inspired by bamboo, a symbol of integrity in Chinese culture.

G065, The Promenade Shops