Hokkaido is an island located in the northern Japan, which is surounded by sea, with rich fishery resouces and contain large forestland. 

With these riches of nature, Hakkaido has lots of unique ingredients, such as  Kinki and Hair Crab. Yamazato is using Kinki called "Tsuri Kinki" which is nitrious and also said to contain anti-aging element from its red skin. Hair Crab is another famous product not to be missed, and could be done in various preparation in Yamazato.

Executive Chef Akira Hayashi and his team are bringing a fresh and tasty Hokkaido to you! 


  • Whelk Clam in Shashimi
  • Japanese Hair Crab - Steam and Serve Crab Butter on the side
  • Kinki - Grilled Whole Kinki with Salt, or Simmered Whole Kinki

Reservation and enquiry: (853)8883 5127 / yamazato@hotelokuramacau.com

*Restaurant is closed on Monday

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