Our favourite little piggie, Peppa Pig first time in Macau!

Peppa will be live on stage at the Broadway Theatre, Broadway Macau, with her musical show in Apr to May...so don’t delay and
book today!

Peppa Pig’s Celebration tells the story of how truly special it is to collect and treasure shared memories. Peppa Pig arrives home to a special surprise Mummy Pig has been secretly working on.Peppa and George both too curious to wait, so Mummy Pig shares with them the surprise Family Photo Album, where they find a collection of precious pictures.We are taken on a fun musical journey to remember some of the family’s favourite memories. This charming 85-minute* live show, is filled with family fun, friendship, teamwork, giant bouncing balls, lots of new songs, surprises and of course, snorts of laughter! Peppa doesn’t want to miss seeing any of her friends in Macau, so book now. Oink Oink!

*including a 20-min interval

Performance Time:

April 29, 2019 (Mon)5pm-
April 30, 2019 (Tue)10:30am1:30pm5pm
May 1, 2019 (Wed)10:30am1:30pm5pm

Seat Plan