Korean boy band INFINITE will be meeting their Macau INSPIRIT for the first time since they debuted 9 years ago!

INFINITE has become a mainstay of the K-pop scene since their first single “Come Back Again” in 2010. The band has released a bunch of big hits, including “BTD” with the iconic scorpion dance, "The Pursuit", "Destiny", "Last Romeo", "Bad" and many more. Entering their ninth year, the group comes back with the chart-topping track “Tell Me” and continues to inspire with their powerful performances and cinematic concepts.

Calling all INSPIRIT to stay tuned for ticketing details. Do not miss out on this fan meeting which will be held at 8pm on 24 November  2018 at Broadway Theatre in Macau.

*Enjoy 6 hours free parking and 10% discount at selected restaurants in Broadway Macau by presenting on-day ticket.

Seat Plan