With the changing of the seasons come new inspirations for Chef Andrea Fioravanti who is introducing 20 new dishes at the Michelin Plate awarded restaurant, Terrazza.

Enhanced with smoky flavors of paprika and a hint of spiciness from chorizo, Chef Andrea’s Spanish Octopus is all about depth of flavor; while his Fried Japanese Organic Egg with cheese, potato and ham will make for a comforting starter. Cooked for 18 hours until succulently tender, the Baby Lamb Shoulder paired with heart-warming chestnuts is the meat dish of the season. Another recommended dish is our creamy Risotto that features a vibrant mix of seafood — red prawns, mussels and clams, with the sweet, briny flavors of the shellfish shining through the dish.

Complete your dining experience with a rustic Chocolate dessert that offers layers of textures in one bite – moist chocolate cake, sweet roast corn and nutty praline ice cream, all of which remind Chef Andrea of his happy childhood.

Reserve your table now and feast on Chef Andrea’s latest creations that capture the true flavors of the seasonal ingredients.

Dinner: Monday – Sunday, 18:00 – 23:00

Location: Galaxy Hotel™, 2F, 201

Tel: +853 8883 2221