Gold Medal is pleased to present a special Rice Hot Pot Broth this season. The broth is prepared with premium Japanese rice, dried Japanese scallop, garlic and ginger – the perfect base in which to enhance our exceptional ingredients such as Spanish Iberico Pork. The delicious marbled meat comes from Iberian pigs that are allowed to graze in acorn forests, which results in its unique, sweet flavor.  Coming all the way from Yamaguchi in Japan is the Red-tipped Grouper. As the fish is incredibly plump and sweet, it requires little more than a dab of soy sauce after a quick dip in the pot. It also makes for a refreshing summer appetizer as sashimi. There are more seafood and premium ingredients to be enjoyed at Gold Medal this season. Book now to discover more!

Serving Time: 11:30 – 02:00

Location: Galaxy Macau™, M/F, M01

Reservations: +853 8883 2266​