Originated in the Rhine region, Riesling is ranked one of the top three white wine varieties alongside Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc. Riesling wines are loved for their pronounced fruit flavors and floral, perfumed aromas. In celebration of this most famous grape of Germany, Galaxy Macau™ will be hosting “Riesling Event” from June 6 to 30 to highlight the quality, versatility and food-matching capabilities of Riesling.

Most Riesling wines are on the sweeter end of the spectrum, making them a refreshing choice for summer gatherings. At the dinner table, Riesling is a popular accompaniment to duck, chicken, pork, shrimp, crab and roasted vegetables. The sweetness and acidity of the wine also makes it the perfect match for Asian dishes and spicy food.

For our Riesling Event, we have selected the wines from Kreuznacher Kroetenpfuhl vineyard --- each comes with a unique flavor profile. With the array of cuisines on offer at different restaurants across Galaxy Macau, we invite you to fully explore the wine-pairing potential of this famous German wine.

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