A real treasure that burrows far below the sandy floor of the cold North Pacific, geoducks are no easy harvest. Their immense size, coupled with the painstaking harvesting process, makes the shellfish one of the most highly prized delicacies. Canadian geoducks often weigh about 1kg but can grow up to 4.5kg. When it comes to flavor, nothing quite compares to its fresh sweetness, which is why it is often served in sashimi style or simply blanched in a superior stock. Now you can enjoy this delicacy in different styles at these restaurants at Galaxy Macau™.

Yoshimori TeppanyakiTeppanyaki Geoduck with Homemade Seafood Sauce and Garlic WakameSeasonal PriceBook Now
Fook Lam MoonGeoduck SashimiSeasonal PriceBook Now
Stir-fried Geoduck with XO Sauce
Pak Loh Chiu Chow RestaurantPoached Geoduck in Superior BrothSeasonal Price Book Now
Hong Kong Gold Medal Seafood Hot PotGeoduck Sashimi or Poached in Superior BrothMOP60 / taelBook Now
Jin Yue Xuan Seafood RestaurantPoached Geoduck in Lobster BrothMOP868Book Now

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