Gold Medal is pleased to present the premium seasonal dishes, French Black Truffle and Abalone in Pot. The flavorful broth is crafted with French black truffle, South African abalone, conpoy and matsutake mushrooms, perfect as a refreshing soup base to elevate the original flavors of any ingredient. Start your ultimate dining experience with a luxurious appetizer – Japanese Ise Lobster. Celebrated as “the king of lobster” in Japan, the plump white flesh of Ise lobster is best enjoyed as sashimi, with its natural sweetness and umami taste enhanced just by a dab of soy sauce. Another premium recommendation for the season is Kobe Wagyu Beef Sashimi. Serving only the best Kobe beef from the Hyogo Prefecture of grade 11 in the Beef Marbling Score, Gold Medal offers guests an exquisite taste of the most sought-after wagyu beef this spring.

Opening Time: 11:30 – 02:00

Location: Galaxy Macau™, M01, M/F

Reservation: +853 8883 2266