This summer, let us tempt you with fine Chinese cuisine. Laurel proudly presents two classic dishes that showcase fresh seasonal ingredients and the excellence of our master chefs. 

Drunken Tiger Prawn Flambé

This show-stopping dish is prepared at your table, so you can witness our chef’s meticulous craftsmanship. Fresh tiger prawns are marinated with Chinese Rose Wine, flambéed and stir-fried to perfection, then served in an exquisite broth. The sweetness of the prawns is heightened by the aromatic essence of the wine. 
Price: MOP268 (serves 3-4)

Coconut, Matsutake and Morel Broth

This refreshing vegetarian soup will replenish and nourish the body during the hot summer months. Ripe Hainanese coconuts are gently double-boiled with choice Matsutake and morel mushrooms—allowing the flavors to blend into a rich and balanced broth. 
Price: MOP168

Location: Galaxy Macau™, G127